Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woodpecker's Palace To-Be

Well here is a twist in the law that is JUST WRONG!

GMP has filed a temporary restraining order against Don & Shirley Nelson. Ordering them not to allow anyone to be present within 1000 feet of the northwesterly boundary of their property! That is the area of the camp site.  The order goes on to state that no one can be there specifically one hour before and one hour after blasting occurs between October 17, 2011 through October 26,2011. The blasting times will be informed by telephone to the Nelsons each day.

The Nelson are good, honest people.  They are asking us to obey this order. We will obey the order but don’t think we won’t be on that 1000 foot line!

A restraining order to stay off their own property? Seriously, what country are we living in?!!

Today  there were 14 people on the mountain, with 4 other supporters stopping by base camp.  Old Crow and Catamount were the first to venture up at 8:00am.  When they got to the top they noticed a new machine parked just south of the campsite, along with the feller/ buncher and a bulldozer type machine.  We hope to identify the new machine and what it actually does in the near future. A picture will follow in the next few days.  It had a long extended arm on it.  Any ideas what it could be? The trees that had been cut near the campsite earlier were loosing all their leaves making the area look even more violated. After considering where the equipment was parked, we believe the area that is soon to be blasted is the beginning tributaries for two major rivers. GMP is working in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas as this is being written!  We will not give up! This project is setting precedent for the rest of Vermont!

As Old Crow and Catamount made their descent down the mountain they met other hikers at the base heading up. The youngest protester so far (5 months old) was among them along with his two sisters. The rain and wind were not going to deter them. Were their parents setting an example and fighting for their children’s future? A future that included this mountain ridge?

Many more hikers hit the trail including; Lady Slipper, Arctic Poppy, Fireweed, Caribou, Pegasus, Grouse, Marsh Hawk, Chipmunk, Swallowtail, Flowerness, Baby Boo, and Peter Rabbit!  Peter Rabbit didn’t get to the top…..Don’t worry he’s okay…..

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  1. Kate H. Halford says:

    The piece of machinery is a drill according to a person who has done this kind of work.

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