Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Crow arrived at the new Base Camp at 8:30 AM. He and Muskrat shared some good pizza from the Albany General Store. Muskrat headed up the mountain and was followed shortly after by Watershed & Coyote.

The scheduled blast of 1:15 took place at 1:25.

Milkweed, Ash and 2 Albany farmers showed up at noon and were informed of the situation by Old Crow. Condor and Sunflower arrived and made their way up the most familiar route. The day was cool and overcast with hail reported on the top of the mountain.

Raven stopped by to chat with Old Crow. Milkweed, Ash, Sunflower, Condor and Bumblebee returned to the base at 3:45 pm.

There was lots of activity in moving the already cut trees near the camp site by McDonald’s workers. It shows they are moving closer to blasting near camp site!

Just Below Camp Site