Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An eventful day on the mountain again.  We had over 18 people there today, most for the duration.  There was blasting farther away from the campsite around 11:00 this morning, and then again at 3:32, this time much closer.  We received warnings for these blasts an hour or less ahead of time.  As the 3:32 blast drew closer, things started to pick up at the campsite.  We watched as the rock drill, truck, and blasting mats were put into place around an area on the other side of the ravine from the campsite.  As we were watching, two people posted more “no trespassing” signs (it only took two this time!) and informed us that we were within 1000 feet of the blasting area (but did not ask us to leave).  At about 3:00, four men walked to the orange tape. Two of them came across, one to speak, and one to hold a camera.  He explained to us the meaning of the temporary restraining order, and that he “hoped we would leave”  but that they would not “use physical force.”  He also asked us to give him our names and IDs, to which we did not respond.  They then left and continued laying blasting mats.  At about 3:15 the same two men arrived and read us the restraining order (which was posted on a near-by tree) then walked back the blasting area.  We have to hand it to him, he did a good job reading aloud all that legal jargon.  Perhaps he should consider a career change.

At 3:20 they laid out the detonator line, gave the horn warnings and then detonated the blast at 3:32.  We remained in the same location, which we were told was within 1000 feet, for the duration of these events.  I understand that one of our group was told by a worker that by remaining in our location we would be “risking injury or death.”  Although we did not feel threatened by the (fairly distant) blast, we can only assume that this means Maine Drilling and Blasting was willing to risk injuring or killing us in order to be paid.


Today’s events– GMP’s efforts to make us leave– just make us more certain of the importance of having people on the mountain to protect property rights and observe the proceedings.  Why are they so anxious about having an audience?  We’ll stick around to find out!

The last two posts were submitted by  “Mrs. Muskrat.”

Still Standing Rock Solid!


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  1. Brad Blake says:

    Good luck to all of you! This is the type of endeavor that is worthy of the evening news or newsmagazines on the national networks. I wish I could be with you, as I was one of the organizers of the rallies against First Wind’s Rollins Project in Lincoln Lakes, Maine. Last November, 5 people were arrested for criminal trespass at the site. Stay strong and resist! You have your rights! The Nelsons have their rights!

    A piece of great news comes from Maine today. The Land Use Regulation Commission did a preliminary vote to instruct staff to prepare a DENIAL of First Wind’s proposed Bowers Mt. project (69MW/29 turbines) next to the incredible Downeast Grand Lakes east of Lincoln.
    We can save the mountains and uplands of Northern New England against the destruction of industrial wind power, so stand fast and proud on Lowell Mt.

  2. Liz Chehayl says:

    I am so proud of you all. Will be back up there soon to lend support.

  3. joyce jones says:

    Stay safe…we are with you in spirit…
    Prayers/Intent are for your safety…for your Love and concern for the families who have shared their life time living near the Mountains…for the belief that Wind is NOT what is needed on the Mountains…for the Rights of the citizens of America…which has been overlooked…and for GMP/Gaz/Metro intent to disgrace our DEMOCRACY…and our FREEDOM to be who we are….

  4. GMP of Vermont, Angus King and son and First Wind, Maine and other wind scoundrels are mostly cynical profiteers out to make a buck, who pull the necessary strings and grease the necessary palms to win their approvals.

    They are opportunists who travel to rural areas of Maine, Vermont and other states and entice unsuspecting residents and rural folks to sign their lease agreements which neuter their rights to their own land.Most of the others are ill-informed and idealistic-and maybe a bit impulsive-who have no idea what they are in for once the blades of the industrial energy generator begin to spin.

    They reassure energy committees and town fathers that everything will be fine. They bribe with other half baked schemes. Talk is cheap!

    They live off of the backs of Mainers, Vermonters and US taxpayers and scam our taxes and desecrate our environment. They portray themselves as green ; they are greenback lovers only.

    They are this decade’s despicable snake oil salesmen, never telling the whole truth about Industrial Wind Complexex to the public.

    The more that is exposed , the more his Enronesque and Solyndraesque scam divulges itself.

    Your civil disobedience is well done. We were some of the first here in Maine to do the same, but your actions are bigger and better, and that is great!

    Well done, and keep it going as long as possible!

    We lost here, but not in vain.
    Others are learning and taking stands, and unraveling the scoundrels plans, illegal takings, and bribery of officials and others.

    WELL DONE NELSONS and Lowell Mountain Patriots of Vermont!

    We all thank you!

    Friends of Lincoln Lakes, Lincoln, Maine

  5. Jane Shesuster says:

    The tongue-in-cheek blog entries are not gaining you any fans. You all are just making yourselves look like fools. Insulting Maine Drilling and Blasting people, who are working and have jobs is rude and disrespectful. My suggestions to you all: get back to work.

  6. Rural Grubby says:

    As a resident living with 24 Industrial wind turbines, I applaud your courage to stand your ground. Very few people understand the negative effects of living with these turbines and continually suggest that people need only move or that the number of avian wildlife affected is comparable to the number that are killed by house cats. With the number of turbines going up across Ontario, where does one move to other than to urban centers and cats don’t kill very large raptors.
    Keep up the good work. Hopefully your efforts will resolve in your favour. People need to understand that wind is nothing more than a scam, requiring heavy support from taxpayer $$$ and providing very little in return because of it’s intermittent, unreliable, non dispatchable, inefficient form of electrical generation.

  7. Good Luck Folks…………you are fighting some very corrupt and evil people here and your stance is being watched around the World!!!!!!

  8. Me says:

    Good for all of you!!!! I wish people could have gotten together to stop the project that now surrounds me. … then we wouldn’t be dealing with sleep disturbance, nausea, headaches, loss of quality of life!!!!

  9. Moraine Jane says:

    Thank you so much. Your brave efforts are an inspiration to us here in Ontario, Canada who are also fighting to protect our natural heritage.

  10. Tony says:

    hang in there folks -our thoughts are with you — from WCO Wind Concerns Ontario

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