Friday, October 21, 2011

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Wow! Catamount hadn’t been up on the mountain since Monday. What a difference 4 days makes. It really does look like an interstate.  Below is a before and after of the same area near the campsite. The before is from one of the first days in October. The after is today.

There were 13 people on the mountain today. No one was arrested and there were no sheriffs in sight. In fact the campers had a very amicable conversation with one of the workers.  He came over to chat as we waited for the blast.

” So what is it about this that you don’t like? Is it windmills?”

One camper replied, ” No we don’t have anything against windmills in the right place, we just don’t like the destruction it is doing to the environment.  This road doesn’t belong here. I live off the grid. I am very much in favor of renewable energy.”

Another camper said, ” It seems the percentage of energy this project is using doesn’t warrant the amount to be produced, while wrecking havoc on the environment.”

The worker nodded in agreement, “I live off the grid also.”

The first camper offered the worker a cookie.

” Is there arsenic in it?”

We all laughed.  The blast went off looking like a tidal wave of water spaying rock and dust through the air. Afterward we could smell the gunpowder and dust. The area behind the drill in the “AFTER” picture is where the blast took place.  We were all silent after the blast. The worker went back to work, all the machines started up again and we went back to our camp fire.

Woodcock brought up a Green Mountain Boys Flag.  He and 3 other campers climbed up and put it in a the tallest Spruce tree they could find.

WCAX contacted us and they will be coming back soon to do another story. We’ll still be on the mountain when they come back. Stay tuned….





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