Friday, October 28, 2011

So Far Today:

A call received from one of the hikers on the top:

2 pieces of fly rock landed about 50′ onto the Nelson’s property.
1 piece of blasting mat about 15′ onto the Nelson’s property.

We’ll have a full report later tonight!



4 comments on “Friday, October 28, 2011

  1. Jordan Brener says:

    Thank you for being there and reporting this — keep safe, lovely creatures.
    Love and hugs,
    Squirrel Butt

  2. Woodpecker says:

    Friday’s events of fly rock and blasting mat on the Nelson Property are significant. First, this project is supported by the Public Service Department and the Public Service Board. It is illegal in the State of Vermont to blast with resulting flyrock on a neighbor’s property. GMP wanted to blast even bigger but they cannot because of the protestors. The protestors have done Vermont a great service by clearly exposing the fundamental corporate influence in our government. We pay the PSD and PSB to protect our interests. Somebody has been receiving a pay check to approve a blatantly illegal project. They have lost our respect for their analytic integrity and appear to have lost their moral compass. Of course, it would have been very easy to ask a neighbor if you could blast and perhaps put some fly rock on their property. And if you were a good neighbor, undoubtedly the answer would be “yes.” GMP however is not interesting in being a good neighbor, as the project manager, Mr. Charles Pughe, said before the Public Service Board–“Our primary interest is in maximizing the power output off the ridgeline.” Of course, this also means maximizing revenue for Gaz Metro and GMP. Robert Frost had it right–“Good fences make good neighbors.” Thank you Mountain Occupiers for maintaining the fence line. Please post the pictures.

  3. windy says:

    Has anyone approached Ken Davis, organizer of POST and one of the most vocal property rights advocates in the state.

    He is up there on the mountain clearcutting the roadway for the blasting.

    Wondering how he can justify violating the Nelson’s property rights.

    Also the position of the county Sheriff – does he obey an illegal court order or the constitution?

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