Photos from Wednesday’s Protest in Lowell

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4 comments on “Photos from Wednesday’s Protest in Lowell

  1. Good job up there at Lowell Mt! Keep stalling this project. How could anyone see the photos from the site up on the mountain and not say it is wrong to blast away, level, and strip the land. Keep putting the truth out. The truth is powerful and it is on out side. God bless the Nelsons!

  2. MA says:

    Kudos to Vermont!
    From Wind Concerns Ontario, Canada.

  3. Patty Manning says:

    It,s a hard road ahead Keep up the good work we have to draw a line somewhere and make a stand for our Mountains and the earth we’ll be up to join you soon
    From the Mannings Northfield Vermont

  4. Deborah Blair, M.S., Ph.D. says:

    Here are some video interviews by Vermonters, including Don and Shirley Nelson – who are for ecology – suggest you start meeting with them and listening – the North East Kingdom Vermonters did not have the 200,000 apiece for good lawyers and REAL expert Witnesses to counter the lies that Quebec Gaz metro’s Green Mountain Power and First Wind used to Brainwash Vermonters. Further as Manhattanite Mary Powell – working for Gaz Metro – now sits on Vermont Public Radio’s board Vermonters are NOT being told the real truth and thus have abandoned their nieghbors

    Energize Vermont’s 1.5 hour lectures on real renewable energy by professor Ben Luce and Annette Smith of Vermonter’s For A Clean Environment – Luke Snelling is the grandson of our long term, beloved Governor Snelling who never would have allowed mountain ruin – is he uneducated, uncivil?

    Del Warner – Lowell, Vermont :

    Kevin McGrath – Engineer, energy expert

    Tyler Mason:

    Jack Brooks – Part One

    Jack Brooks – Part Two –

    Nancy Warner – Part One

    Nancy Warner – Part Two –

    Don and Shirley Nelson

    Dennis Liddy – Part one –

    Dennis Liddy – Part two –

    Robbin Clark Part One

    Robbin Clark Part Two

    Joan Liddy –

    Joan Dennis Liddy –

    Daphne Christienson :

    Bonnie Day

    Milo Day

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