Saturday, October 29, 2011

Submitted by Old Crow:

Today was a fairly good day for the mountain as relatively little destruction occurred. One of our intrepid regulars met up with newcomers from Caledonia and Chittenden Counties at the confluence of the base trails. By the time the group of  hikers reached the summit, the backup alarms of heavy equipment could be clearly heard.

Pictures were taken of the different types of equipment on top of the mountain and of a J. A. McDonald employee taking pictures of the photographer. Could they also be running a blog site? Shortly afterwards a large red pickup came tearing up the crane path at a relatively high rate of speed, bumping and bucking over the rough road. This caused one of the observers to comment:

“If I had an employee beat on my equipment like that, I would spank him.”

The observers walked back towards the campsite from the disputed property to wait for the emissary from GMP.  Instead the pickup lurched to a sudden halt, backed up, turned around and sped off in the direction from which it had come.

Pictures were taken of the holes drilled for future blasting and the denuded landscape on the Wileman side of the project. Pictures were also taken of the flora and fauna on the side of the project that remains out of the reach of the foreign-owned utility and its contractors.

All activity on the top of the mountain appeared to cease by 2 pm.


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