Sunday, October 30, 2011

There were 6, sometimes 7 people up on the mountain today. The snow had done damage to some of the tents and the tarps in the kitchen area but it is all in good order now.  The campers reported that no construction  work was being done today.   Security guards were seen driving along the crane path road in pick up trucks. The Northern Met tower area has been cleared of all trees and the tress hauled off. There were also a pile of blasting mats nearby.

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We don’t know what to expect tomorrow. Today the No Trespassing Order expired. Will GMP’S judge order a new one tomorrow? Will tomorrow be the day we start to get arrested. When do the sheriffs ride in, in their pick-ups?

Our Flag Still Waves!

If you would like to visit the top of the mountain and be of help to the occupation please email Let us know when you want to go up and we’ll put you on the schedule and answer any questions you have. We Need You! The More The Merrier!

Energize Vermont has a great list of newspaper listings for those of us writing letters to the editor about this ridiculous project .  If you do write a letter please send it to all of them not just the local papers. We need to get our words OUT THERE!  Go To:  It is recomended to keep letters under 250 words.

A protest event is in the works. When we have all the details ironed out we will post it here. Thanks for all your support! Our numbers are growing every day!


One comment on “Sunday, October 30, 2011

  1. windy says:

    How about making copies of the constitution and posting them in prominent places, also have some to hand to the sheriff.

    I think this is a very edgy issue for many of the property rights people.

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