Monday, October 31, 2011


The mission of the Lowell Mountain Occupiers is to help the people of Vermont develop a humane and sustainable energy policy that effectively addresses global warning through reduction of co2 emissions that is informed by science and objective analysis.  We cherish the historic Vermont values of integrity, respect for the individual, private property, the importance of our environmental heritage, an educated citizenry and personal courage in the face of injustice.  We will use the proposed Lowell Wind Project as our initial focus.  This mission places us in direct conflict with corporations and their efforts to maximize profits and to unduly influence government policy.

Late Night Report From Hiker Yesterday:

” I have a camp not far from the proposed wind towers. I was up there yesterday and saw no birds or animal tracks where in the past I have always seen many. It’s as if they just left! I did not realize the crane path was going to be so close to my camp. I may have to leave too.”

Latest report just came in this morning:


Three folks were on the mountain at 9:30.  Two of us were starting a fire, the other was doing morning prayers for the mountain.  Six people approached the campsite.  Captain

Tim Clouatre who is Troop “B” Commander located in White River Junction, Sheriff Kirk Martin, Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks, another deputy sheriff that stayed in the background, and two construction workers.  Of course, with the police presence, I thought “finally we can make a statement.”  Their interest was to understand us and our perspective.  They wanted to know how many would leave and how many would not if read a restraining order.  I told them that some would leave, and some would stay.  Probably 2 or 3 would be arrested at a time.

Captain Clouatre asked if we would be doing this daily? I said yes.

Would we resist arrest? No

Do we have guns? No They said they had pictures of peoples with guns.  I said, that I am not aware of people with guns, we are a non-violent group.

Would the same people be arrested more than once?  I said, that we would cross that bridge when we come to it.

We exchanged phone numbers.

I asked when the new restraining order would be coming.  They did not know.

I did not have any conversation with the construction workers, but my partner at the time did—she found the workers to be slightly aggressive but handled the situation with class.

I told them that we would notify them of any change in plans, for example, if we had a hundred people to arrest.

The meeting was cordial.


3 comments on “Monday, October 31, 2011

  1. joyce jones says:

    Thank You for the updates…you have not seen or heard any animals…birds etc..???
    Please be cautious about blasting material…stay safe…We are praying./Intent for you and your safety….

  2. Liz Chehayl says:

    I am so impressed that you have defined your message.

  3. windy says:

    Might be a good idea for you guys to have helmets on when they are blasting.

    And what’s the big issue about guns? Vermonters are by law, allowed to carry firearms where and when we choose.

    What does Kirk Martin say about the Nelson’s constitutional right to protect their private property? It’s his job to protect and serve the CITIZENS, not GazMetro.

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