Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, News Direct from the Mountain Top

Today was a fine day weather-wise on the mountain. However, the beauty was marred by the destruction of the Lowell Mountains under the stewardship of Mary Powell and her minions at Green Mountain Power. J.A.McDonald representatives stated today that they were proud of their contribution to the disaster that is the Kingdom Community Wind Project. One has to wonder if the logger that cut the land prior to construction feels anything at all. After all, at one time he was the head of a property rights group (P.O.S.T.). Now, when he is offered enough money, he seems to have forgotten his past values and cut on another person’s property without their consent. Mr.Davis has come a long way.

As the five hikers prepared to enjoy the day, a lawyer for Green Mountain Power walked over and had a discussion. No one was very impressed with his speech.  Hikers, campers and hunters on the site should understand the preferred dress code according to Powell, Schnure, Dostis, does not include camouflage.  According to the protestations of GMP:

·        Only troublemakers wear camouflage clothing.

·        Only troublemakers carry guns in the woods in Vermont, despite it being bird hunting season and plentiful grouse on the mountain.

·        Only troublemakers carry axes in the woods at a campsite.

One wonders how often these folks get out of their boardrooms in the urban areas of the state and visit the rest of the state.

Some of the hikers did maintenance on the Green Mountain Boys Flagpole. Others worked on chopping wood and preparing meals. A member of the media took the trip to the top to interview some of the hikers. There werea total of 14 hikers on the mountain from at least 5 different counties. GMP blasted twice and used heavy matting. At the end of the day, the mats were moved to an area about 90 feet from the campsite. Is this the place where tomorrow’s blasts will occur? Stay tuned……

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3 comments on “Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, News Direct from the Mountain Top

  1. Brad Cornell says:

    Very well done, Woodpecker, thank you for your time and effort.

  2. Ted Leonis says:

    Let the opposing comments post on this blog!

    The windmills are needed and wanted. MANY more people support the project than oppose it.

    Do not suppress free speech!

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