Mountain Supporters Meet Shumlin and Sanders

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There was direct contact Saturday evening between both Shumlin and Sanders with the protesters in Barre.  Shumlin waded right into the fray, and had the sense to actually thank the protesters for coming, as some people sang a song about corrupt politicians and others chanted “Save Our Mountains”.  Video here.
Sanders came later, in the dark. The group settled down to let him speak, but instead of listening, he immediately began by stating that he disagreed with our point of view and then launched into a lecture in a very arrogant sounding tone of voice saying something like “We are trying to save the world”. This angered the crowd who immediately began shouting things back. Sanders got pissed and said he wouldn’t stay if people were going to interrupt him, and he left. Someone caught him briefly going up the stairs, and told him that many people greatly appreciated his efforts to protect Vermont from undue corporate influence, but that the technical facts simply don’t support his position on this (the wind) issue. He softened a bit, but then complained about being interrupted, at which point the person suggested that perhaps his opening remarks were not very concillatory. At that point we said goodbye and when up into the room.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

quote by Margaret Mead

One Of The Protesters:

“There were between 55-60 protesters at the Old Labor Hall yesterday evening, from Central and Northern Vermont. We were there from 4:30 to 6:30pm, on public space (sidewalks).  There were no police nor any difficulties with those attending the event. Upon his arrival Gov Shumlin approached the protesters to shake their hands, and  ‘thanked’ us for being there. He was met with protesters’ statements of disapproval and opposition re Lowell, GMP, Corporations’ influence in Vermont, etc. When he approached me, I told him “We don’t like your relationship with GMP.” His response was “I’ve heard that.”
When Bernie arrived he approached the group & attempted to speak to us, beginning with “I don’t agree with you…” and proceeded to tell us why. He was interrupted by a protester who spoke out in disagreement, at which point Bernie declared we were “rude” and walked away. 
I did manage to present him with a petition of opposition, signed by over 800 people, which he accepted. This delivery was achieved only by following him to the entrance steps of the Hall. Ben Luce, who also followed Bernie to the entrance steps to the Hall, spoke to Bernie, expressing our positions regarding the industrial-wind/Lowell Mtn. issues, as well as our group’s frustration with his position and his words to us. Bernie repeated that he would not tolerate what he considered our “rude” behavior (i.e. interrupting him while he spoke).”

7 comments on “Mountain Supporters Meet Shumlin and Sanders

  1. joyce jones says:

    Sure liked the pic….and Mr Sanders just does not understand that Vermonters…at least those who still believe in Democracy,, are not going to just let stuff go on that should not be..We have freedom of speech and will not allow injustices to our Loving families…Mountains…Wildlife…go on without supporting each other…Good job Mountaineers…..

  2. Mike says:

    Bernie has done some good for the state and is often against big corporations. However, at the heart of it, like any politician, Bernie is for Bernie. He will come around only if he thinks his job is threatened.

    Having said this, he still stands head and shoulders above Gov. Scumlin and his appointees – Shummies Dummies.

    • windy says:

      Bernie is a big advocate for rail transport yet he was instrumental in getting the Lamoille valley railroad torn up and sold to China.

      He is anti-corporate yet he stood at the Agri-mark/Cabot fest and congratulated them on being a local co-op (he knows perfectly well they are a Delaware stock corporation).

      Bernie has been in DC too long, his common sense and connection to the common people have abandoned him – and us.

  3. Regan Burke says:

    I know this is a serious matter, but that poster is too funny — proving once again that Vermountaineers are the most creative people in the country. Sanders has gained fame all around the world in recent months because non-Vermonters believe he speaks truth to power for all US citizens. And yet, once again we see a political chameleon with no understanding of the people he is supposed to serve and no perspective on the larger issue.

  4. Lokel Yokel says:

    Bernie’s problem is that he thought we wanted to hear what he had to say. He failed to realize that his first priority was to listen and that his second priority is to act on what Vermonters are asking for. He’s like Peter Welch and Pat Leahy who also only want to hear themselves speak. They could care less about what the constituents want.

  5. Jordan Brener says:

    I’m so proud of all who attended this event and took their precious time to be there to protest; I should’ve been with you, too. Thank you to all!

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