Monday, November 7, 2011

News from the mountain…..

A lot of the pictures below are pictures taken North And South of the construction area near the camp site. It’s obvious where there are still trees standing, wetlands in their natural state and rock formations. We now have a great view of the Sheffield Towers to the  North East which you’ll see in the slideshow.  Warning: This is a sad slide show. It shows our mountain dieing.

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Today our “Mountaintop Classroom” took another big leap forward, with a special filming starring ten of our dedicated law enforcement officers –and two dogs.  Our occupier “teacher” arrived on the mountain at 7:30.  The camera crew was already there– he stayed the night.  We set up video taping. Workmen arrived about 8:30 (Bob Keller, a little flat with the affect) to tell us that they were going to blast at 10:00.  Around 9:15 Chris Braithwaite from the Chronicle appeared at the campsite, while  “T” was on the hillside waiting to start the camera– if the law would approach.  “T”  went down and visited with Chris and waited for the cops.  Shortly before 10:00 we heard dogs barking and then saw the law arrive.  There were eight to ten men with two dogs.  “T” ran up the hill and started the camera rolling.  The overall interaction between “T” and the law enforcement went for 30 minutes – the video will be up soon.  Nobody got tough–in fact everybody was pretty mellow.

Today’s filming was so important because we now have video of the law coming onto private property (in force!) to advance the interests of Green Mountain Power. Also, some misunderstandings were cleared up and we were able to request a more reasonable approach – we’ll have to wait and see how that turned out.  With the information from today we will be able to plan a better approach to the occupation in the future.  Thanks Mountaintop Classroom!

A final note to future mountain occupiers, quietly camping amidst GMP’s destruction: the law came with 5 sets of nylon wire wraps for hand cuffs–so don’t expect to go without restraints.