Lowell Mountains Occupation #2, Police enter Nelsons’ property to arrest people

10 police, 2 dogs came onto the Nelsons’ property to arrest people on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011

 view full size to count the dogs

Read the Nelson v GMP Complaint to Vermont Supreme Court filed today.

Lowell neighbors challenge court ruling, protesters plan ‘open house

Neighbors of Green Mountain Power Corp.’s Lowell wind project are appealing to the state Supreme Court a decision that allowed the utility to continue blasting to make way for the turbines.

Lawyers for Don and Shirley Nelson filed their appeal Tuesday, arguing that by preventing guests of the Nelsons to use a portion of their land that sits within 1,000 feet of Green Mountain Power’s blasting, the court is violating their right to exclusive possession of their land and their right to assembly.

“The Nelsons have the right to the exclusive use and occupancy of their own land and to deny the use of their land to others, including GMP, regardless of how important the use of the Nelsons’ land may be to GMP,” the appeal argues…………..

Constitution of the State of Vermont


Article 1st. All persons born free; their natural rights; slavery prohibited

Article 2nd. Private property subject to public use; owner to be paid

That private property ought to be subservient to public uses when necessity requires it, nevertheless, whenever any person’s property is taken for the use of the public, the owner ought to receive an equivalent in money.


13 comments on “Lowell Mountains Occupation #2, Police enter Nelsons’ property to arrest people

  1. Brad Cornell says:

    Well it sounded like a civil meeting at least. We heard a couple of the blasts in the afternoon over here in Wolcott on top of Town Hill Rd. Thank you all for being there as best you can!

  2. windy says:

    But this is not for ‘public’ use, it’s for the benefit of GazMetro.

  3. Jordan Brener says:

    You betcha we heard the blasts on Town Hill Rd in Wolcott and the birds are freaked-out. I’ve not seen this before in stick season. I’ve never seen these many birds before! I never saw a bear right outside my front door before Sheffield, either! These creatures have no place to go and GMP, you’re responsible for them, my personal unhappiness and the encroaching, right-now and immediate, devaluation of all private-property.

  4. Tim says:

    The only people who should be ashamed are the protesters. This is a good project, a project that is right for Vermont, and it needs to happen. Wind power!

    • Tim, how can you say this project is right for Vermont when it is the most expensive and inefficient clean energy money can buy? When there are more efficient, less expensive technologies available? How can you say that a corporation harming first amendment rights and property rights “needs to happen”? How can you say that blowing up a mountain is “good”? If you can answer these questions in a logical manner, I’d love to hear it– but I don’t think it’s possible. Please educate yourself on the facts of wind power in this state before deciding what’s “good” or necessary.

      • Tim says:

        That’s the beauty of America Carrie, we can both have differing opinions and both think each other is ‘wrong’. The best part about this issue is that the majority of vermonters agree with ME, not you. You are brave to be protesting and camping and I admire your beliefs, but in the end the towers will go up, the blades will start spinning, and life will go on happily.

      • Tim, it is great that in this country, as in many others, we can publicly state our differing opinions. However, neither the fact that we can disagree nor the fact that you believe your opinions to be those of the majority mean that your ideas are correct. Furthermore, these facts do not lessen your duty to yourself and to the future residents of this state to educate yourself on the realities of big wind construction before deeming it good and necessary. Why not come to the mountain top open house this Sunday (see invite above) and see exactly what you are promoting? I’ll be there, and I would be happy to continue this debate in person.

      • Black Arrow says:

        Say Carrie remember it isn’t clean, it isn’t green.

    • windy says:

      This is blatant violation of private property rights, undermining the US constitution and permanent destruction of a far reaching ecosystem.

      Not to mention corruption of the court in its overt obeisance to a foreign corporation at the expense of American citizens.

      It’s nice that it makes you happy Tim.

  5. Bill Roddy says:

    Brilliant Video keep up the good work I’ll be away for a week will be back to pitch in

  6. Brad Blake says:

    The opening of this video is so chilling. Seeing the police coming through the woods searching for innocent people. It has Gestapo or Soviet KGB written all over it. To think that destruction of a mountain takes precedence over preservation of natural resources is incomprehensible. We are all working against a rigged system and it is a travesty of natural rights and civil rights. The same system that makes it nearly impossible for a campowner to move a rock on a lakeshore or regulates how many trees a small woodlot owner can cut allows unfettered destruction and industrialization of an entire mountain ridgeline. All for a folly that contributes nothing to our wellbeing or economy.

    I am so proud of the people who are taking a stand at Lowell Mt. The damned project will get built, just as Sheffield did, just as Rollins in Lincoln Lakes, Record Hill in Roxbury, and Spruce Mt. in Maine (all in the last 12 months, sadly), but we who take a stand continually raise the issues and one of these days people will realize what a mistake has taken place and will bring a halt to the carnage in our northern New England mountains.

    Brad Blake
    Cape Elizabeth and Lincoln, Maine

  7. wood chuck says:

    People are finally getting it. Why did the selectmen in lowell have a support the project rally…Kinda funny as the surrounding towns did not have one. The lowell selectmen should be ashamed. The contract between lowell and gas metro is a joke…who is making the money here besides chip wileman the trust fund baby??

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