Friday, November 11, 2011

Northern View

Friday Morning:

The mountain was beautiful this morning with a line about half way up where the snow started, and the ridge sparkling in specks of sunlight breaking through the clouds. There were two hikers at base at 8:00, one a familiar face to the mountain, theother Don Kreis, an Assistant Professor of Law and Associate Director at the Institute for Energy and the Environment at the Vermont Law School.  As the hikers got to the top the ground was covered with a thin blanket of snow and all the trees had white icing on them that crackled as we moved– at least we assumed it would – but we could hear nothing except the roar and clatter of equipment tearing the mountain apart in front of the camp. A short walk to the North and we could hear a rock drill working beyond the Met tower and an excavator with a rock hammer working on the ridge just off Nelsons property. After cleaning the snow off the tents and no sign of “The Law” we headed back down. Near the bottom we ran into a hunter going up to look for grouse, and were reminded that it is Veteran’s Day– hence the no law and no blasting.  Thank you, Veterans, for saving the mountain today.

On the mountain friday afternoon…quite a winter scene. Very sad to see the Green Mountain Boys flag flying at half mast. I think the wind took it down. Just reread “Thinking Like a Mountain” by Aldo Leopold. Highly recommend folks visiting that famous essay. See you all on Sunday.




Hunt the Lowell Mountains!

Saturday is the start of hunting season– whenVermonters have always headed for the mountains to look for game.  The Lowell Mountains are a traditional hunting ground for deer, moose, and bear– but this year, it will be different.  Clear cutting, blasting, and earth moving for the Lowell wind project isdestroying the ridgeline and driving animals off the mountains.  The finished project will break up an essential wildlife corridor which allows deer and other large animals to travel from western New York to the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada.  Cutting off this route will isolate Vermont’s wildlife, limiting genetic diversity and herd heath.  Noise from big wind turbines has been shown to drive animals away. This could ruin the Lowells as a hunting ground. Now is the time to show politicians and wind developers across the state that hunters care about long-term wildlife health more than short-term corporate profits!

What you can do:  exercise your right to hunt the Lowell Mountains — as Vermonters always have.  Bring your gun, and also a camera to document what Green MountainPower is doing to our traditional game lands.  Send your documentation,and any comments you have on what’s going on to: – it will be posted to the blog so the rest of the state can see what’s happening. Then call your local representative and tell them what you think.

Is it legal to go up there?  The short answer is: yes.  Although you may be confronted by signs warning of blasting or trespassing during certain times, you will not be breaking any laws unless you refuse to leave when asked by a law enforcement officer.  Being asked to leave will not affect your ability to go back to the area, and you cannot be arrested or charged for being asked to leave multiple times.

This Sunday, November 13, head to the occupier’s ridgeline campsite for lunch.  There will be hot dogs and casual conversation about wind power in Vermont.



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  1. Brad Cornell says:

    Good point, I’m not a hunter but have nothing against hunting as long as it is responsible people hunting and they don’t shoot at my house or out of their car, trucks etc.!

  2. pete says:

    You most certainly can be arrested. Once you are told to leave, a second occurrence escalates it from civil trespass to criminal trespass. If the property owner serves you a trespass warrant, you will be arrested if you ever enter the property again.

    • The police are on record saying that people who have been served the injunction will not be arrested if they come onto the Nelsons’ property again unless they refuse to leave. People are not being served with a trespass warrant. They are on private property and they are not trespassing. Judge Malley has issued an injunction at the request of GMP, and that is what is being used to keep people off the Nelsons’ private property. There is no legal basis for it, the police even seem to recognize that. Watch the videos posted on the blog, there are two of them that show police coming onto the Nelsons’ property. There is one from Monday where there is a discussion about this very question, and the police give the details.

      • pete says:

        That’s just the police being nice. The police were being nice to all the occupiers in BTV too.

        Once you are told to leave private property and you return, you are committing criminal trespass. That is the law.

    • pgosselin says:

      And so what?
      You mean to tell me Martin Luther King never trespased? I don’t recall Rosa Parks moving to the back of the bus when told to. In fact I recall her being arrested. The back of a bus is not the place for neither the rights of Vermonters nor for mountain tops. Jesus, do you think Ethan Allen would have accepted being told to stay 1000 feet away from his property line. Hell no! He would have gone to the pub, rounded up a bunch of boys, gone back and politely asked the ba—— vandalizing his land to quietly leave.

      • pgosselin says:

        “This is the law”
        No it isn’t. It’s a corrupt law. The law is to stand up to a corrupt law. This time GMP is bulldozing your land. Next time it’ll be your house. And then it’ll be you. It starts by taking a finger, then a hand…

      • Pete, you’re right about trespass, but that’s not the charge in this case. That’s why the police wouldn’t come up and make any arrests for something like two weeks after the judge issued the TRO, because nobody is violating any laws, and we are definitely not violating any trespass laws. The judge had to twist things to get the police to go do what they’re doing. The only thing people are violating is the judge’s injunction that has no basis in law. If people cross over to the other side of the line, then they could be served the notice against trespass and then they could be arrested if they came back a second time and trespassed again on the land GMP is leasing, clearing, blasting and defiling.

  3. Joe says:

    Wow this one takes the cake. “Bring your guns” Are you all serious? Do you really think it is wise to invite a bunch of folks up on the mountain with firearms while you are having your tour? Trust me there will be plenty of hunters up there anyways. I am not trying to give hunters a bad rap at all but one needs only to look at the events in Albany VT and Lisbon NH during the past few weeks to see how tragic the potential accidents can be. Hopefully everyone going up the mountain on sunday will be provided with some sort of orange gear? Think about it it’s the second day of rifle season!

    • windy says:

      So you are thinking we should abandon our rights as Vermonters because some corrupt judge was bought out by GazMetro?

      If we don’t assert our second amendment rights we are likely to lose them.

      • Joe says:

        How was I suggesting we abandon our rights????? I was pointing out that it might not be a good idea the encourage more than the normal amount of hunters and firearms in the vicinity while this tour is going on. How many people do you think may show up who know nothing about basic hunting safety? Perhaps folks who dont know its hunting season and do not bring the proper blaze orange gear. Asserting your second amendment right has nothing to do with bringing your guns where there is no need to. Furthurmore I am a strong advocate of our rights to have firearms and in fact I think there are way to MANY rules and restrictions in place now.

  4. purslane says:

    Sorry, but you no longer speak for me and mine. Hunting is not our way of life. It is not part of our desire to preserve wilderness. The attitude of hunters toward their “game” is little different from that of the developers toward their “resource”.

    • windy says:

      then the alternative is to restore predators to the area or watch the deer starve when food is scarce.

      we often cut trees so the smaller ones can reach the browse, they are the ones who die first, but there is a limit to what any given area can sustain.

      there is no happily ever after in the wild

      • purslane says:

        Yes, as the developers say, a few ridges have to be destroyed for their pleasure in order to save the rest.

  5. joyce jones says:

    Good afternoon campers…In some ways I have to agree with Joe because I do not trust the GREEDY.CORRUPT GAZ METRO/GMP..,organizers….As Joe has reminded us Accidents can happen when guns are involved..Remember that the Police asked if anyone had guns and suggested that they were told that people were seen with guns…If I have the quote correct…CORRUPTION breeds danger and anything is possible….We are not dealing with Healthy people…if we were this whole drastic destruction of the Mtns/families etc would not be happening….Please be careful…Have a good time at the Picnic….stay safe….

  6. pgosselin says:

    You have to do it like Greenpeace does. Get 100s of protesters up there. Chain yourselves to the trees, equipment, whatever, It’ll take hours and hours for the police to clear you out. Give the officers something to do…let them chase a couple hundred protesters running around. That’ll delay the blasting and works and start costing GMP some real money. This having a cup of tea with an officer before each blast is a joke. Let the police apprehend all of you. 100s of protesters and a couple of lawyers would quickly throw sand in the gears.

    Do you know how many police officers a protest of a nuclear-waste transport by rail ties up here in Germany? 30,000 – and for days! Finally Germany said enough is enough – and has said goodbye to nuclear power.

    Breaking a corrupt law is respecting the law.

    GMP is defiling a mountain that’s part of the scenery and heritage of all Vermonters up there. Other than lowering the global temperature maybe 0.000000000000000000000000001°F (this is still all scientifically in dispute) there aint one damn bit of public good that’s going to come out of those 21 eyesore turbines.

  7. pgosselin says:

    PS: Leave the firearms home! Be polite to the police (just give them plenty to do).

    • windy says:

      There are not hundreds of people available – they are all following Bill McKibben who thinks the rape of the Lowell mountains is just fine.

      He claims not to know much about it but all mention of Lowell is removed from his website immediately.

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