Thursday November 10, 2011

Here is a video from Monday as we wait for news from today on the mountain…

Lowell Mountain Occupation #3 Lecture





4 comments on “Thursday November 10, 2011

  1. joyce jones says:

    Good morning Loving Campers…after watching all of your video’s and the video today…I can truly say that GMP/GAZ METRO are a total disgrace to VERMONT and that is putting it nicely…

    • pgosselin says:

      Why do you keep blaming GMP/GAZ METRO? It’s the State that’s behind all this.

      GMP, etc. are only delivering power the way they’ve been asked to – by YOU and your elected officials.You wanted green, well here it is.

      GMP and GAZ Metro and the rest of them would be the first to go back and produce energy the cheap and easy way, and in a way that doesn’t mutilate the environment. But you and your pols said no to that. The power has to come from the wind, to save the planet.

      They have the same system in Europe, which you are now copying. That is the government punishes traditional energy and rewards wind.

      You can’t tell me you didn’t know they were going to do this. Stop barking up the wrong tree. The permitting, planning, subsidies, regulations are all from the State – GMP is only fulfilling what it’s been asked to do. None of this would have happened without the State blasting the obstacles and clearing the way.

  2. Brad Cornell says:

    Once again great stuff. Nice to hear these comprehensive lectures

  3. pgosselin says:

    Folks, before you can solve a problem you first have to successfully identify the root cause. Blaming folks who aren’t responsible only makes things worse.

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