Before and Now — Oct. 27 and Nov. 12

Photos taken from Westfield showing the amazing amount of destruction GMP has done to the Mountains in just 2 weeks, and photos from state agency files from Oct. 27, Nov. 2 and 3.

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3 comments on “Before and Now — Oct. 27 and Nov. 12

  1. pgosselin says:

    It’s the product of the envionmental movement, junk science and politics. Where are Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy? Why aren’t they helping out?

    You think it looks bad now, just wait a little longer. It’s gonna look a hell of a lot worse. I pity the locals who will have to look it everyday.

    • Jordan Brener says:

      To pgosselin et al:I don’t get this! It appears that nobody has the power to do anything — how can this be???? I’ve written/phoned all of them — I’ve written to Tom Evslin. Their form letters are written in a way to make themselves/us feel like incomptent annoyances. Thank you all for all you have done. Squirrel Butt

      • pgosselin says:

        Out from where I am, I can’t know the property lines of the Nelson farm etc. But maybe you can somehow get a big billboard up near the highway: “Sanders/Leahy/Shumlin State Natural Park – Protecting Nature For Vermont!”

        Or something to that effect.

        It’s their project, might as well label their names to it. Let everyone know who’s behind it. (Bet you don’t get the permit to put the billboard up – too ugly). I’ll donate $250 to help pay for it if you guys want to do it.

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