Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steve Wright Addressing The Hikers At The Bottom Before The Hike

Our first open house on the mountain was a  great success! 90 people were escorted up the mountain today so they could have a first hand look at what is going on. There were pro- wind and no- wind people alike. Both sharing in the experience of climbing to the top, sitting by the fire to get warm having a lunch and all gathering information and opinions about what we are all up against ENERGY AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.  I think the people of power could have learned a lot from us. Too bad none of them were there. Maybe on the next one that is being scheduled for early December we could get  Governor Peter Shumlin to hike up to the top with us.  I will personally write to him and ask if he will come. As soon as the date is established it will be posted.

Here are some comments of today’s NEW visitors to the Lowell Mountains:

“Unbelievable – Thank-you for the inspiration to act. 90 people – beautiful & heartening.”

“Keep up the good work! I hope to be back.”

“The Destruction and Environmental damage that is being done here for the enrichment of a small number of people is astonishing and saddening. Thank- you for your work.”

“What a beautiful precious mountain. I don’t see a solution to having electricity at all and I am on the path  (the downwardly, mobile path) to doing without it as I use to. ”

“Really approachable event to have an open house. It allowed people on the fence to come and see/ask and inform themselves. Where as a rally might only invite those already convinced.  This felt welcoming to everyone.”

“Thanks! Lets do more hikes! Step up the opposition!”

The youngest of our guests was a toddler and the oldest in her 70’s! There will be more comments and pictures as soon as they come in!

Many Thanks to all of you!

Pat O'Neil Answering Questions On The Top

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The photographer wrote:  Hiked up Lowell Mtn with about 90 people. I got a few pictures and was going to do a video but 2 Lamoille County sheriffs came and told me I was trespassing and had to move back to the other side of the property line, where it’s hard to get a good shot of the destruction. Why are Lamoille county sheriffs doing GMP’s security duty in Orleans county, on a Sunday no less, when dynamiting and a blast safety zone are not an issue? I wasn’t sure anymore what country I was in. This stinks on so many levels… sick, absurd, corrupt, needless. Sad to see such a beautiful place destroyed…. for nothing but greed.


7 comments on “Sunday, November 13, 2011

  1. Burke and bark says:

    Thanks to all for a wonderful informative day on the mountain..hope our paths cross soon again..

  2. mike says:

    I love this blog, and try to check it frequently and encourage my friends to do the same, but all of the embedded slideshows (i’m assuming) invariably bog my computer down, and either crash it completely, or make it run SUPER slow…. is there any other way to present the photos? or a way to archive older photosets so my computer only has to process the ones i choose? anyway, thanks for all your hard work, and i’ll continue to spread word about your site!!

    • Thanks for letting us know about the problem with the slide shows. The only other way to show the photos in batches is to put in a link that goes to another site where they are posted. It takes viewers away from the blog, but if the way it is now is crashing the computer, we’ll try something different.

  3. windy says:

    The photographer said “2 Lamoille County sheriffs came and told me I was trespassing and had to move back to the other side of the property line, where it’s hard to get a good shot of the destruction. Why are Lamoille county sheriffs doing GMP’s security duty in Orleans county, on a Sunday ”

    take the questions further – why are GMP people allowed on the Nelson’s side of the line? why are they allowed to deface the Nelson’s trees with their signs? why are they allowed to deposit debris on abutting property?

    Justice is absent in Vermont – the rule of law has been purchased by a foreign corporation – and they are in effect saying to us WTF are you going to do about it

  4. joyce jones says:

    Dear Campers and Lovers of the Beautiful Mountains of Vermont…
    YOU are doing a beautiful job of sharing your trips up the Mtns..your views of what is going on and the sharing of all of it with Vermonters and with those of us who are Tourists…who have visited the Mtns over the yrs..and so enjoyed their Beauty..Peacefulness…and Heritage of Vermont…YOUR Mtns have existed for hundreds of yrs…providing Peace..Love of Nature and a home for many Loving Wildlife creatures..They have soothed Souls…pictures have been painted and Books have been authored about OUR Mtns..They have also renewed Spiritual connections with Nature and set one’s Heart/Mind and Soul at Peace…and ALL of these things will continue to happen…for they happen in the Heart…they happen out of Love…and they happen out of Love for You…We thank you Dear Campers…and keep up the good work…Hug a tree for me Please….Much Love to you.

  5. Tim says:

    The wind mills will be beautiful as well once they are built. Lots and lots of people are very excited. Progress is not always easy, but it happens.

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