Video of panorama of destruction across peaks of the Lowell Mountains




5 comments on “Video of panorama of destruction across peaks of the Lowell Mountains

  1. Tim says:

    Instead of such a negative headline, turn that frown upside down. How about: ‘Beautiful windmills soon to adorn Vermont ridgelines, providing clean power to thousands of thankful supporters’.?

  2. while destroying the hydrology, wildlife habitat and neighbors’ property and constitutional rights.

    • pgosselin says:

      I keep hearing the protesters complaining about property rights violations. It’s a little late to start being a believer in private property rights. Wouldn’t you say?

      There is movement out there that’s been warning about this a long time: The Tea Party. But ya’ll laughed at it. And you sent socialist (i.e. wealth and property redistributor) Bernie Sanders to DC, to fight for your rights!

      Well, now have fun paying your property taxes, and watching them kick you off your land put windmills up all around you. Welcome to the Northeast Serfdom.

  3. nofreewind says:

    What is super sad is that is alpine boreal habitat, with many unusual and rare species to be found. Back in the day, I was doing bird species fragmentation studies for Cornell University. That used to be the battle cry of environmentalism. Stop tearing up our wilderness. Now the call is to tear up our wilderness so that thousands and thousands of wind turbines can be constructed. This necessitates dynamiting thousands of 1/2 acre holes and filling them with rebar and concrete which will never ever leave those precious mountains. Then bulldozing mile after mile of access road, turning a remote, forested mountaintop into an industrial site. And what about the loss of looking at the beauty of a forested mountaintop.

    What for? This project is 63 MW which will have an output of about 25% year round or about 15MW. A nat gas plant is about 1,000 MW, the two tower nuclear plant powering this laptop is 2400 MW. So we need to do this 160 times to equal the output of one nuclear plant – and here is the bad joke, we would still need the nuclear plant.

    I don’t live in Vt, but I know they HAD stringent laws protecting construction on their mountaintops. That train of thought is completely gone. VT is now in a race to savagely destroy their precious natural heritage. This is insanity at the highest level. I don’t feel that I could even drive by those turbines because of the sadness it would cause me deep into my heart to witness such human stupidity – all caused by people who “say” they want to save our environment. When in actuality, they are so naive they haven’t done a bit of research or allow themselves to be open to the fact that they are being greatly deceived for the almighty dollar! Yes it is green, green as in dollar bills going out of your pocket into someone else. Stupidity is the new normal. Those videos above show only a glimpse of the damage YOU are doing.

  4. Martha Clayton Cottrell,M.D. says:

    I agree with all you say and I do not live in Vermont but I have always admired the Philosophy that influenced their politics…Freightening to see that has all been undermined by greed and stupidity! This is the Law of the Land. We are no longer a Democraacy , a government of the people , by the people ,and for the people…We are a government sold to the highest bidder! Corporate America! The New Roman Empire in the process of self distruction! When will the people wake up and realize that Black Friday is upon us 7/24 as we observe our people and our government progress in our Terminal Disease of Greed which we are exporting all over the world…If there is a Higher Power may It awaken us to a Change of a Sustainable Consciousness! Martha Clayton Cottrell, M.D.

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