Cops on Lowell Mountain 11-8-11

State representatives Sam Young and Peter Peltz getting served the preliminary injunction on top of Lowell Mountain by Chief Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks.

Fox44 News


2 comments on “Cops on Lowell Mountain 11-8-11

  1. pgosselin says:

    I wasn’t sure about this Sam Young guy. I wanted to know if he ever took a real stand against the Lowell project – my research shows little opposition to it. I found a lot of wishy-washy statements, and a few words on how he preferred solar energy in Vermont. For me that was enough.

    Young obviously doesn’t understand the utter lack of effciency of PV. If he truly wanted to assure Vermonters get a steady, reliable and affordable supply of energy in the future, then he would not only object to wind power, but would especially object to solar power and the massive subsidy schemes needed to finance it. It’s expensive, horribly intermittent and so unfeasible.

    So I guess Young was up on the mountain for a little publicity and lip service, and that’s all.

    As far as Peltz is concened, he’s a Democrat and you can thank him for all the mountain mutilation.

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