Thursday, November 24, 2011




Help educate the people who care the most about corporate takeover, clean energy, and wildlife at these three upcoming events.  WE NEED YOU!

Event 1:

When: November 29, 6:15

Where: Christ’s Episcopal Church in Montpelier

What: VPIRG’s (Vermont Public Information Research Group) forum on “how you can fight back against the corporate takeover of the political process”

Why: We’re all about fighting corporate takeover — and we could learn good stuff at this event.  There will be lots of corporate fighting Vermonters there to hear our message and recruit to help spread it.  VPIRG can also learn from us– so far they’ve been no help fighting big wind corporations.

How: Sign up online: for the forum, RSVP to so we know who to expect and can organize carpools, then show up early at 6:15 to distribute information and chat with people as they arrive.  There will be more information about this action by Saturday!

Event 2:

When: December 3, 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Where: Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee

What: VECAN (Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network) conference on Community Energy and Climate Action

Why: The people attending this conference are the ones who most need to learn about big wind.  They are community and political leaders who are concerned about climate change, and trying to make the best decisions for their communities.  We can help them!    This is also a great place for us to learn about alternatives to ridgeline wind generation.

How: Register online, then RSVP to Peggy at so we know who to expect and can organize carpools.  Help distribute information to the other attendees.

Event 3:

When: December 5, 7:00-9:00PM

Where: Hazen Union High School, Hardwick

What: Habitat Connectivity and Deer of North America lecture

Why: Ridgeline wind projects are detrimental to habitat connectivity.  This lecture will give you an opportunity to learn more about this issue, ask important questions about the effect of big wind, and teach other people who care about wildlife about the problems with industrial wind in Vermont.


7 comments on “Thursday, November 24, 2011

  1. Jordan Brener says:

    Oh, dear. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and hope you’re not freezing your butts off and will enjoy lots of hot gravy and good food. I think we got about 10″ on Town Hill in Wolcott. I’ve hidden a lot of nuts.

  2. pgosselin says:

    “how you can fight back against the corporate takeover of the political process”

    Such rubbish and delusion I’m reading here. Look, some day you are going to have to wake up to the fact that this is caused by “let’s save the planet” politics, and not by corporations. The corporatioons have been regulated into doing this. They’d much prefer to produce energy using far cheaper and more reliable methods. Hopefully you will not censor this comment.

    They’re doing the same here in Germany. Result: consumers are angry, power companies are angry and the government thinks it’s rescuing the planet, when in fact they are doing the opposite.

    Do you seriously think Vermont’s government is going to reverse its own scheme?

    • joyce jones says:

      Dear Friend…If Vermon’ts Gov. were doing what they SHOULD be doing, we wouldn’t be fighting to save the families surrounding the Mtns. that might be torn apart…the Wildlife..the Acquife’rs and our Beloved Mtns…for a failed/fake
      trumped up scheme to make money at the expense of innocent loving people..and prompted by Gaz/Metro…These Wind Turbines…are useless…they blow up….freeze up…kill Migratory Birds…blow out the Lungs of Bats and do NOT produce the Electricity needed….

      • ShyErin says:

        Power to the people! Its time to put VTs Gov in check. They should be listening and acting on how to thier local VTers feel.

    • ShyErin says:

      Would this not be more of a situation where the corporations are taking advantage of the “lets save the Planet” politics to benifit thier pockets? Of course they may prefer to use “cheaper and more reliable” methods but thats getting harder to sell because people want clean energy. Its so important now with people wanting clean energy that we set the precident for what that truly is. A project like this that claims to be clean green environmentally friendly and cost effective but in reality is a scheme for someone to enlarge thier wallet while destroying what cannot be replaced is just what we need to correct. Can you justify destruction to the Planet as a good source to ” save the Planet” ? One day you may have to wake up and realize that maybe saving the Planet should not be left to politics and peoples voices should be stronger than a corporations. Power to the people who will stand up for this Earth and what they believe in!

  3. Ted S says:

    Giving thanks for wind power at today’s thanksgiving table. Happy holidays!

    • Was the wind blowing? How much power were the Sheffield turbines producing? How does anybody know? Oh, right, trust First Wind that they’re saving the planet, but don’t provide any evidence.

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