Friday, November 25, 2011

We hiked up Friday afternoon to the ridge through a quiet snowy woodland.  On the saddle, no sign of activity and no one present on the developed side of the line.  We removed snow from the tents as best we were able–some tents have sucumbed to the heavy snow’s weight- and re-set the tarps.  The GMP lean-to shelter between the camp and their roadway is an imposing barrier just to the west, its size a perfect symbol for the project- large logs, big fire, bigger impact, and in your face.  On top of the hill the Green Mountain Boys flag is flying proudly reminding us all to carry on the battle against oppressive process.  As we went back down to the campsite, the GMP patrol appeared in a red pick-up.  The  truck went north, then south, and came back north again noticing us on the second pass.  The driver got out and took our pictures as we were walking down out of the campsite but did not say anything.

The winter woods were beautiful, and we were blessed with a brilliant sunset as the afternoon ended.  More reason to carry on helping people realize what is beinng sacrificed for this project.

Condor and crew

Heading North On The Crane Path Before The Snow

Lessons in Legalized Greed   by Old Crow

You claim to have the right to disparage my belief  In constitutionally granted property rights.

A purchased judge declined to hear the claims for relief  As trivial compared to the board seat in his sights;  A kindred spirit, like you, governed by basest greed,

An intimate member of your vast corporate cult.

Our legal case is moving along with glacial speed.

While the moneyed interests get a speedy result.

No justice found in the current administration.

Festooned in an orgy of noble lies and deceit.

The lame governor’s lithe tongue promises castration.

Stammering that the ‘Great Project’ will soon be complete.

Dumbstruck, the great jurists watch the ebb and the flow.

As legal rights are lost in the filthy undertow.

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5 comments on “Friday, November 25, 2011

  1. jjjones7 says:

    Love your determination Campers…
    I so HOPE that GMP is wrong about the boundary line…and that they are drilling etc on Nelson Property..we need more advantages..Much prayer/love and energy coming your way…
    Keep up the Beautiful efforts…
    We must stop them NOW…we cannot allow GMP GAZ/METRO to destroy another Mtn top….

  2. windy says:

    Well said, Old Crow, and all too true.

  3. pgosselin says:

    “Wind has extraordinary potential”

    Senator Bernie Sanders at’s Vermont “Moving Planet” event from Ben B on Vimeo.

    Not only that, this populist fool is promoting solar – in Vermont of all places!
    The prerequisite to following this populist merchant of doom is complete ignorance on the subject of climate science. If he gets his way, the whole state will become one giant Lowell Mountain.

  4. pgosselin says:

    Look, I’m only the messenger. If you want to be solve a problem, you have to open to the uncomfortable truths. We both want the same in the end.
    Germany is 5 to 10 years ahead of Vermont in windparks and solar panels, and here it is turning into a hell.

    This is where Bernie Sanders is taking you too, if you don’t wake up from his populist appeal. Look around you. Beware of the peddlers of Utopia.

    Here’s the latest energy folly from Germany, just so you know:

  5. wood chuck says:

    In the end the dirty truth about the Shumlin administration to “bend the rules” will come out and his legacy will pay.

    His dirty tricks will come to suface

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