Saturday, November 26, 2011

It’s been quiet on the mountain with the the Long Thanksgiving Weekend… Workers and Occupiers both have been taking a break. As we wait for a report from today here are some pictures from what might as well be re-named Shumlin’s Mountain Mess. At this rate we’ll have to re-name The Green Mountains.  Rock Dust Ridge has a nice ring to it.

Skimmed Off & Piled Up

Rock Dust Highway? Shumlin Road?


Today the Mountain Occupiers were joined by the Executive Director of  THE VERMONT NATURAL RESOURCES COUNCIL, Brian Shupe and board memeber Virginia Farley. VNRC is one of Vermont’s most prominent environmental protection groups. The hike was slick and slushy due to the melting snow and the tracks of all the Occupiers of the past few days.  The slow climb gave us plenty of time to ask and answer questions. Our visitors were game to walk out to the cranepath for a better look – “the land is disputed – why shouldn’t we go there,” they said.  Today, it really was that simple.  We had time to take several pictures and point out the former location of the wetland (now filled in and packed down) before the red security truck rolled around and we thought it best if our guests headed back to camp.  The patrol man waved and said hello—but watched until we were back by the tents.  According to the Orleans Record, extra security guards were hired for the four-day halt in construction over Thanksgiving.  Wouldn’t want any more trees planted up there, I suppose.

I was once again astonished by the quantity of rock which had been moved since my last visit.  Even if Nelson’s property line is where GMP claims, their land is now abutting a twenty-foot cliff.  The fill near the former wetland bulges outfrom the sides of the road bed, forming crumbling walls taller than aperson.  As with other visitors to the site, I’m sure this destruction was not lost on our guests.

Deb Markowitz, head of the Agency of Natural Resources said this week in a radio interview that she believes no more projects like Lowell will be built as new technology will have made this project obsolete within five years.  When asked why not wait five years and spare this ridgeline, she replied with something vague about the Public Service Board.  If only Deb would make the effort (as our guests did today) to see the site for herself– then maybe she would have the courage to take her beliefs to their logical conclusion.  Mountains are not technology experiments.  Ridges are not renewable!

Mrs. Muskrat

Parked & Ready For Monday Destruction


5 comments on “Saturday, November 26, 2011

  1. Beth says:

    Looks great, GMP IS DOING it Right, saw the controls my self last sunday. Also saw the trespassing of the so called save the mountian’s ers. There trash was left for others to cleen, water bottles, plastic bags and other things.So much for Cleen.I know this will not be left up. but had to express my thoughts.

    • Beth
      You can be sure if there is any trash up there it will be picked up along with all the tents and tarps and other belongings! At least we can pick up and carry out what we have left behind.
      And you can be sure that all comments are posted. This is an information site where people are encouraged to have conversations. Why not contact us and come up for a tour so we can point out the environmental damage that can’t be reversed?

    • H.Wolff says:


      I’m also glad to be given an opportunity to express my thoughts. It is Impossible for me to imagine what goes on in a person’s head who can look at the destruction of the natural world and cheer it on. I am certain I will never know.

      It helps me emotionally if I assume that you are well meaning but utterly taken in by the wind developers’ propaganda about the clean, free, green energy that the giant bird shredders will bring us.

      The only thing wind turbines are proven to do is provide a very small amount of very expensive electricity and make a few corporations and individuals wealthy. Industrial scale wind development is simply another, very destructive, example of the exploitation of our natural resources.

      Do us all a favor and do some homework. You might start by spending a little time with this:

      I am also certain that, a few years from now, when the subsidies have dried up, the turbines are beginning to reach the end of their short lives, and all the politicians who supported them have been voted out of office — people like you will be on to your next intellectually lazy position.

      P.S. Beth, I thought I was atrocious at spelling but you cleen my clock in that regard — try a spell checker next time — you won’t appear half as ignorant as you actually are. xo

  2. windy says:

    Markowitz interview on Mark Johnson just confirmed that she is deceitful and disingenuous. Her glib reply about Lowell was just a notch above her total refusal to address the toxic waste being spewed into our water by AgriMark/Cabot.

    We need to know who is opposed to environmental destruction and might have a chance of being elected governor.

    Suggest you name the project ‘Shummy’s Shame’.

  3. The Markowitz interview is posted here
    [audio src="" /]

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