Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountaintop Open House planned for Lowell wind project construction site :

The Lowell Mountain Occupiers will hold a second “Mountaintop Open House” on the ridgeline adjacent to the Lowell Wind Project on Sunday, December 4th.  “The purpose of the Open House is to allow people to see what’s happening on the mountain and have their questions answered in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational setting,  “Says organizer Anne Morse.  Individuals with a wide range of interests and questions may wish to attend: those in favor of wind power but conflicted about ridgeline development; folks concerned about loss of wildlife habitat, water quality issues, or aesthetics of large-scalewind; in favor of wind development and wondering why people are opposed; or just curious about what the project looks like.  “Projects like the one on the Lowell Mountains have been proposed for over200 miles of Vermont’s ridgeline;so it’s very important that the residents of the state have a chance to see what the changes to the ridge look like, and to gather information from sources besides the developers.  These projects affect everyone,” says Morse.

The group will meet in the parking lot of the Albany Community School (located on Route14, north of the village center) at 11:30 AM and carpool to the base of the mountains.  There will be a short informational overview of the project before groups hike (at their own pace) to the top.  At the camp, there will be an orientation to the site; and time for questions, warming up by the campfire, and informal discussion.  The hike up takes 30 minutesto an hour, and the orientation and question and answer time will last approximately 30 minutes.  Afterward people may stay to visit, or picnic. Hikers should bring a daypack with water and lunch or snacks; and dress for the weather by wearing several layers and a warm hat (the temperature and wind chill at the top are much colder than at the bottom) as well as hiking shoes or rubber boots (the trail is muddy and steep).  If there is snow, gaiters or boots are recommended.  Attendees may also wish to bring a walking stick or snow shoeing poles, and a mug for hot tea or cocoa.  The event will take place rain orshine.

The first Open House, held November 13, had over 90 people in attendance.  A show of hands from this group indicated that they unanimously thought another Open House should be held.  For more information, contact Anne Morse at or 802-281-4432.

Open House on November 13, 2011 Before the Hike Up

Open House 11/13/11 Ridge Camp Site


5 comments on “Sunday, November 27, 2011

  1. Jane Viens says:

    Just want to make sure that you realize that myself and MANY others come to this site simply to see what you people are up to…I myself want to know what unauthorized pictures your taking of my husband and publishes them without his written permission!!!!!! I don’t feel it’s fair for people to push their views on to others when it effects their very livelyhood!!! I am a born and raised Vermonter and proud of it!!! But we have had to except alot of change in this world that we might not have liked or wanted…it’s called life and it must go on!! We all fight our good fight when it is needed but the fight is lost…more than once…then we more on and let people live their lives without forcing them to do what others want!!!! Time to step back look at EVERYTHING in this picture!!! You people on that mountain are going to cause someone to get hurt or killed doing your foolish crap…give it a rest!! I would like my husband to come home safe everyday…I have all the comfidence in our company that can happen if you people let them do when they are trained and experience (many years) to do!!! PLEASE LET ALL THE WORKERS BE SAFE AND STOP PUTTING THEM IN DANAGER!!!! A Real Vermonter, Jane Viens

  2. pgosselin says:

    90 people! Sounds good.
    This kind of momentum is not what the proponents of ridgeline windparks are going to be happy hearing about. There’s nothing keeping these number from growing 10-fold or even 100-fold. The Spirit of Ethan Allen is awakening.

  3. Dear Real Vermonter Jane,
    I would like to know how standing along the Crane Path, singing the Vermont Song and waving our flags is going to cause someone to get hurt or killed. As far as your husband’s picture let us know which one it is and we will take it off the blog and not post any more. I’m sorry you don’t agree with us on how electricity is generated in the state that you share with us. We will keep fighting to protect all the ridgelines in Vermont. This project is setting precident for the rest of Vermont and that is the BIG PICTURE!
    Please keep looking to see what we’re up to. Better yet why not come up to the mountain on December 4Th and see for yourself?

    • Jane Viens says:

      Are you not up there distracting people??? Trying to make a statement that should be made somewhere else not on a work site!!!! The worker can not change what has already been done!!! They are simply trying to make a living and stay off unemployment, goverment funding!!! As far as the wind turbines go I would much rather have them than a nuclear plant in my back yard!!! They can be dismantled and the mountain side returned even though it would take time to regrow etc. No one thought anything about putting up poles everywhere for telephone and power lines when they were needed. Change happens and we must make choices…as for solar well just what happens to those panels when their life is over????? When happens to the environment while they are being made??? Have you thought about that?? So everything in our enviroment can cause harm to us and to it’s self. Yes we need to make it better. But at what cost??? For a few, or should the many who vote it in??? I have faught the fights too but sometimes you go to far and them someone who shouldn’t pays. Usually it’s us the little guys while you keep on going without thought as to who you affect with your actions..the group as a whole assume to much for alot of other people…ask and they will tell you. Thanks for listening!

  4. The mountain cannot be restored. All that blasting and excavation and filling in headwaters that your husband is part of is never going to be put back. If your husband is choosing to work on the site for money, he is part of the destruction and has made that choice. And he is accepting government funding in his wages, with all the taxpayer incentives that are making this whole mess possible.

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