Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday evening, 11/29, a VPIRG and Clean Yield-sponsored event on the problems of corporate “personhood.” In Montpelier, at Christ Episcopal Church (across State Street from the Post Office) 7:00. Join us early for passing out flyers on corporate abuses re the Lowell Wind project      Go to: .

Saturday, 12/3, VECAN (town energy committees) annual meeting. Lowell Mountain Occupiers will be there to make a statement re development of REAL community energy sources with REAL community involvement. 9:00–4:00 at the Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee, VT (just off Interstate 91). Go to, REGISTRATION IS $25.00.

Sunday, 12/4, Second OPEN HOUSE of Lowell Mountain Occupiers Assemble in parking lot of the Albany Graded School, just north of the village on Rte 14. 11:45, brief presentation at base of mountain followed by hike to ridgeline. Dress warmly, in layers,l

Bring backpack with water, food. Call Anne Morse for more information: or 802-281-4432.

Monday, 12/5, 7:00 p.m. at Hazen Union High School. Susan Morse will be presenting, “The Deer of North America.” Deer hunters will especially enjoy this program. For more information contact Jens Hilke: or 802-338-4862.

Nelson's Land ...Both sides of the Orange Tape


11 comments on “Monday, November 28, 2011

  1. Jane Viens says:

    My second attemp on leaving a comment lets see if you leave this one up!!!! I see you are still taking pictures without the signed autorization of people in them!! I want it clear that MANY people visit this site to see what you people are up to not because they support you!!! I am one of the many…I check to see how many time you publish my husbands picture (that he doesn’t want online, in a pubic forum!!). Why is it that your people can STEAL posted signed while tresspassing on other people property and remove them to be used by you on property that is still in dispute??? What makes you any different or any better??? I know those workers KNOW what their doing and are trained well with experience….But with the people you have up there not having a clue do you not think that puts all at risk??? Before you are done someone will be hurt or killed and you will cry some how see we told ya…it will be do to fool who were where they didn’t belong!!! Worst part is it will probably be one of our workers not a protester. You faught your fight, lost it…Please now leave others alone to make our livings and do our jobs safely!!! I can see it now…Always someone else fault because you wanted to make a difference!!! Sincerely, Jane Viens

  2. freddy crougar says:

    Jane, Very well said and it is very clear that none of these protesters know a darn thing about blasting the 1000 foot safety zone is there for a reason!!! Yes sure the blasting company is doing the best they can at preventing flyrock etc but accidents DO HAPPEN!! Just imagine if one of these young and obviously very impressionable students who are protesting up there got hit in the head with a chunk of rock even a tiny one at high velocity would crack a skull. Are the protesters ready to pick up pieces of their friends brain off the ground??? You really need to step back and think about what your doing and ya why dont I see pics of Don and Shirley up there???????

    • GMP never asked for a 1000 foot safety zone from the PSB or the Nelsons. They just took it, using the court system as the tool of the corporation. The 2nd Article of Vermont’s Constitution says private property can be used for public purposes but the landowner must be compensated. If GMP needed to use the Nelsons’ property, they could have easily gotten a temporary easement using the Public Service Board’s condemnation process. Instead, the corporate bully just took it.

      • freddy crouger says:

        All legal issues aside tell me are you aware that by placing protesters within that 1000 foot zone they could be KILLED???? This is not a joke please answer and think about it.

  3. Your previous comment was posted and commented on, offering to remove whichever photo you wish removed. But why isn’t your husband proud of the work he is doing? GMP and the workers are trespassing on and destroying the Nelsons’ land. The posted signs on the Nelsons land were removed by GMP. What signs are you talking about? If anyone is hurt on the site, it will be because of GMP’s lack of concern for worker safety, which has been reported to VOSHA on numerous occasions.

  4. Jane Viens says:

    I posted a second time because My post was not there until after your reply, Thank you!! I have been checking. My point with photos is that you people think you can just do what you want with no regard to others!!! It’s okay for you to do what you want legal or not but not for anyone else!!! The sign was on GMP property and the workman have maps they where they are and are suppose to be. Sad that radios have to be in the all equipment because of threats your groups have made!! The land according to the courts is in dispute there for not the Nelson’s. Stop using them as your scapgoat!! As far as work site safety goes you don’t know what you are talking about!!! How long have worked for any of these companies??? or in the construction business??? How many times do you see people who choose to put themselves on a constructions site to make sure they are in harms way and then hear them discuss how they should stand in a road in front of a fully load Dump Truck???? Maybe VOSHA should do something about that!! Just saying those that make stupid choices in places they are not ment to be are asking for things to happen. Not something I want to happen to anyone much less people I know well!!! Others workers are not there to fight your fight…I am sure they would perfer they not be invalved. Does mean they are for or against it!!! As for my Husband’s work BOTH of us couldn’t be PROUDER!!! I know he is!! He is very much a professional is everyway…he thinks about safety of all..all the time!!! I pray the foolishness stops soon and everyone can end up with Safety and a completed project as it going to happen anyway not matter what anybody does. Have a Good Day, stay Safe All!!

    • ShyErin says:

      Jane Viens, you seem so concerned for the safety of all the workers but where is you concern for the safety of the mountain and all the wildlife there?

  5. Jane Viens says:

    Why is it that you people ALWAYS take human second???? The mountain will survive as will the wildlife they all have with other projects. Besides it’s not just the workers, it’s the protesters as well. The project is on going but yet you don’t seem to care what happens to the HUMANS ON THAT MOUNTAIN!!! This project will finish so if others is what you want to stop fine….work site and human life is not the forum to do it in!!! By the way… I like the way you pick only certain items in each comment to dwell on that suit your purpose. So in other words as long as the wildlife are unharmed and the mountain stays pretty it’s okay if humans are hurt or killed whether it be workers, protesters or by standers??? Doesn’t make sense to me!!!

  6. windy says:

    Wondering where people like Jane would draw the line.

    Are there any perceived limits to growth?

    Or should we just keep on destroying wild nature until the whole country looks like Manhattan – after all, there’s plenty of food and water at the supermarket.

  7. freddy crouger says:

    Windy care to respond to anything Jane or I said?? Are you one of the cowardly protesters who trespassed on Trips land last week?? Oh no wait maybe you are one of the ones who runs back down the mountain every time the cops go up there? Take a stand if your so serious about this take a bike lock and lock it around your neck then to one of J.A. Mcdonalds like a real protester who believes in his cause.

  8. Jane Viens says:

    Have you noticed they never seem to get the point I am trying to make!!!…in any of the comments I have posted!!

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