Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Letter To The Editor:

Who are the Mountain Occupiers?

I’ve read several statements that indicate there’s confusion on who is occupying the Lowell Mountains; what they’re doing and why; and how many people are actually involved.  As one of those Occupiers, I would like to alleviate this confusion.  The Occupiers are one of the most diverse and grassroots groups in the Kingdom.  They are retirees, students, farmers, teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, musicians, politicians, and business owners.  They are conservatives and liberals.  They are scientists knowledgeable in ecology, renewable energy, and cost/benefit analysis. They are from towns all over the Northeast Kingdom and adjacent areas of Vermont—including Lowell.  Our mailing list includes over 200 individuals and families engaged in projects including rallies and educational open houses, distributing information at conferences and events, letter writing and phone call campaigns, and the continued monitoring of construction on the mountains. Our mission statement is to help the people of Vermont develop a humane and sustainable energy policy.  We cherish the values of integrity, respect for the individual, private property, the importance of our environmental heritage, an educated citizenry, and personal courage in the face of injustice. We acknowledge that this places us in conflict with corporate efforts to maximize profits and unduly influence government policy.

To see what is happening to the Lowell Mountains attend our next mountaintop open house on December 4th

Still Standing!


2 comments on “Tuesday, November 29, 2011

  1. I have the perfect view of the whole ridge line from Center Hill .Noticed the flag is down.11/30
    You can go to my web site ,click photos,and see why I hope & pray no wind towers line the beautiful mountains God created.

  2. Jordan Brener says:

    I agree with Jackie and I also have a very good view of the mtns. from Wolcott. This is simply and excruciatingly unfair to neighboring towns within view when it has been shown these things are ineffective here. Thanks for hanging on, dear, passionate occupiers; we know you’re not dirty, and smelly with nothing better to do.

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