Open House Tomorrow, Dec. 4, 2011

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The Beautiful Lowell Mountains


16 comments on “Open House Tomorrow, Dec. 4, 2011

  1. jjjones7 says:

    Another Beautiful pic of the Lowell Mtns…how Beautiful they are….I think of the seasonal changes..and the colors that we are so fortunate to share and Meditate and find Peace of Heart..Mind and Soul…I think of the Migratory birds that fly in seasonally…the families that sit in their yards and admire this Gift that we have been blessed with…the Tourists that visit Summer and Winter to enjoy the Dog Sledding…Meditation and finding peace…

    And I think of ‘Fake GMP/Gaz/Metro’…Give it up…Your Gig is up…Stop this failed Wind Project….

    • freddy crougar says:

      Joyce will you be flying in from Illinois for the open house? Oh wait thats right you will be too busy fighting to force vaccinate 3rd world preteen girls with an HPV Vaccine or fighting “fake big wind” in Maine or Oakland or Texas or fighting against horse drawn carriages in NYC or saving the grand canyon from plastic or protecting the redwoods or fighting against Rand Paul? Tell me Joyce ever even been to Vermont or just know the State exists from Deborah and Jim?

      • OceanMoon says:

        vicious vicious vicious…..what Freddy Crougar says

      • Tom says:

        My God Freddy, what drives your obsession? You’re sure are living up to your fictional, horrifying character from Nightmare on Elm Street. Good job!

      • jjjones7 says:

        Hello Freddy…I am afraid that you are partially wrong about me Freddy…I would Love to fly in for the Open House but at this time it is an impossible wish…I would not force a shot on anyone Freddy..The rest of it you are pretty much right with the exception of your last sentence…Yes I have been to Vermont…recently…and enjoyed it immensely..I received the grand tour…you have a beautiful state Freddy….Now what it is Freddy…don’t you like people that believe in fighting against the injustices of this world…and you have to know that what YOU are a part of is truly the injustice…to your neighbors…YOUR Mountains…If you have kept up with the fallacy of YOUR project then we would not be having this comp conversation now would we? Freddy there has been enough evidence across this country that Wind turbines do not produce what they claim and you know it…that is if you have done your own research and listened to the people that have been closely involved…the people that have had to live with it…the people that have been sick because of it…the people who have had to give up their homes because they couldn’t stand it anymore ….the people that took a huge loss on their property…i could go on but Hey…why should I….You rest well Freddie…

      • AWarner says:

        freddy (joe)

        you are a funny as hell. You know nothing about wind energy……You should go on stage with bozo the clown !!


        what a wimp!!!

      • Kevin McGrath says:

        Freddy or shall I say “Rich Carbonetti”

        Mr. Carbonetti

        I am not hiding behind a name I did use wood chuck earlier as I thought this was a more fun blog and people could exchange “facts or ideas” . However, your write some very horrible and nasty things.

        In am not going to trade these third grade type blogs with you. I will be arriving in Lowell on Tuedsday and will gladly come visit you at your convenience.

        At least Trip Wileman gives his name to his credit….

        Coffee or Tea??

        Kevin McGrath

  2. OceanMoon says:

    Everything that I read coming from Freddy Crougar is viscious viscious viscious !!!

    • Trigger says:


      Freddy is a weenie. Has to hide behind his little computer. I know who freddy is and when i see freddy we will have a little chat. lol….

      It most likely started in the third grade…He is not viscious just a bit upset that the blog has expossed GMP and his followers. Not a clue about wind turbines other than making money.

      Take a $10.00 dollar bill and drag it through a land mine and freddy will be sure to follow.

      freddy just needs a hug lol

  3. YES TO WIND ALL THE WAY!! says:

    Green Mountain Power was asked to come to Lowell and we voted on the project. GMP will do the right thing as well..GMP bought a couples’ home because they did not want to live near the wind farm. Lowell will get a hefty check and those of you in the surrounding towns with get a bit of money as well. WE IN LOWELL NEED THE MONEY and if you had our mountains you would have voted “YES” as well!!

    Go get get them freddy it is a Lowell project our vote our money! My kids will have a better school and will see the benefits GMP will pay us….

    • Mike Nelson says:

      The problem ‘Yes..’ is that you are piggybacking your ‘needs’ on the property rights of others. The fact that GMP has stolen 28 acres or so from the Nelson’s means nothing to you. It is not your land. You are not stealing it. You just plan on reaping the benefits of the theft.

      Congratulations on your morals.

    • windy says:

      If it was a ‘Lowell project’, owned and controlled by the people of Lowell, few if any one would be interfering.

      It is a multinational corporation invading and destroying vast areas of our state for money and control.

  4. jjjones7 says:

    To Wind all the way….You just said that you gave up your neighbors..families that had to give up their homes…and there will be more…YOU did all of this for money…you gave up your Mountains..the Wildlife/safe water/…for money….and when your MONEY is gone…what then…
    You then encourage your friend Freddy to continue his remarks….Don’t you wonder WHY they have paid you off???…NOT everyone got to vote…

  5. YES TO WIND ALL THE WAY!! says:

    I have to admit it is about money and I wonder now after seeing it. I admit we made the wrong choice..

    We have been lied to

  6. jjjones7 says:

    Yes to Wind all the way….
    I would Love to meet you..
    Maybe even give you a hug.

    I will just say THANK YOU..
    Your Light is shining….

    • wind all the way says:

      I am sorry if I offended any one on this blog…I went to a couple meetings held by a local family here in Lowell. I thought they were telling everything. I did not care that they were getting paid. When I heard the Vermont co operative president spaek I thought this must be true…How could it not be. All my friends at the fire station said we are getting big bucks and and this will be good for everyone.

      i am sorry i voted yes and my wife and i will make donation this week

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