Dec. 5, 2011 Stop Destroying Vermont

Lowell Protestors Stop Work at Site Due to “Environmental Destruction” 

Demand Detour to “Honest Energy Policy”

Lowell, VT – Early Monday morning a group of concerned citizens wearing shirts that read, “Ridges are Not Renewable” protested the Lowell wind project by occupying land currently being disputed between Green Mountain Power and the neighboring property owner. While on the disputed land, the protesters stopped construction vehicles with large signs, warning them “Road Closed: Due to Environmental Destruction” and redirected through “Detour To Honest Energy Policy.” The road closure and detour lasted for roughly an hour.

Orleans County Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks later arrested seven including Barton Chronicle Publisher/reporter Chris Braithwaite and took them to State Police Barracks in Derby for processing. During the hour the protestors also sang the Vermont State song, “These Green Mountains” and raised their voices for the line “We live to protect their beauty.”

Dr. Ron Holland of Irasburg, when asked why he chose to stop the construction vehicles in their tracks said, “Green Mountain Power and the State of Vermont have not been honest with citizens about the impacts of this project, and it is now time that Vermonters demand a honest reassessment of our energy policy.”

Anne Morse, a protester from Craftsbury, “Today marks new path for Vermont’s energy future – one towards small-scale, community oriented solutions that protect natural resources and unite communities, not blast away mountains and create division.”

Eric Wallace-Senft, from West Woodbury said, “We can no longer let the corporations make energy decisions for us, Green Mountain Power has taken our property and constitutional rights, and is blasting away our mountains. It’s time the power returns to the people.”

Charges are pending for those arrested, and when asked to identify themselves they said they were known as “Green Mountain People”.

Blasting away the Lowell Mountains on Friday

Heading Up the Mountain This Morning

Blockading the Crane Path Road on the Nelsons' Property

Line of Vehicles Waiting to Get Past Blockade

Noon update:  7 people were arrested, including Chris Braithwaite of the Barton Chronicle.


6 comments on “Dec. 5, 2011 Stop Destroying Vermont

  1. jffrenchie says:

    Nice job guys!
    Wish I could be there w/ you but I’m cheering from my office… ;-(

  2. freddy crougar says:

    For once Bravo!! Bravo!! Onward Enviro Soldiers!!

  3. Wiegand says:

    Far fewer raptors and birds across the world will be the enduring legacy of the wind industry. There has been a deliberate well organized wind industry cover-up concerning the mass slaughter of birds by the propeller style wind turbine. This industry rigs virtually everything including laws, politicians, judges, USFWS , media and then fortifies themselves with their endless bogus studies. Wait a minute, isn’t this how things are done in Syria and Iran?

    Everyone should pay close attention to the birds around them so you can one day bear witness to your children about the way it used to be.

  4. mabel houghton says:

    I am very proud to be a part of this growing movement, which the press mistakenly keeps referring to as a “small group of people”. The action today was well-defined, peaceful, and meaningful. The”magnificent Lowell seven” showed great courage as they acted on their moral principles and sense of duty. They have my gratitude and admiration.

  5. Annie says:

    Really…. “WHY”?

    JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Clare Catarius says:

    Stop destroying Vermont

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