Ken Davis’ Feller Buncher Accident in September

Click on Photo to Read Report of Ken Davis' Feller Buncher Accident on the Lowell Wind site in September

Ken Davis' work just beginning

Cleared, Stumped, Grubbed, Blasted, Excavated, Bulldozed. How many gallons of fossil fuels did it take to do this?


2 comments on “Ken Davis’ Feller Buncher Accident in September

  1. OceanMoon says:

    Our founding fathers believed that values such as liberty, equality, fredoom and democracy were important enough to risk their lives and their liberty fighting for. These values have survived and have since become the solid cornerstone of our American democracy. Vermonters, as well as all of us Americans, have chosen to live in a state and country where we believe that democractic values would pervail. What is now present in the state of Vermont and in Lowell, MA is a state of seige wherein a corporation such as GMP has taken hold and invaded the political process and has rammed their political muscle through the regulatory agencies who have looked the other way and have failed to protect the environment. I ask myself about the terrible injustice in GMP obtaining the authority to blast the Lowell Mountain Ridge line into oblivion. Much has been said about Lowell residents voting in favor of the project but the vote was not directly in favor of the project. In the long run, Vermonters will be left without their beautiful ridgeline, now gone forever, with wind turbines who will will not prove to be energy effective, decreased valuess of their property homes in the surrounding areas, and permanent damage to the environment and the species. More money will be paid out of pocket by Vermonters in energy costs despite the claims of more energy efficiency. Yes, all of you that are in favor of the project must get ready as you will have to pay more out of pocket and there will be little benefit obtained from the money your town will receive for the town to “better schools, public areas, etc.”. Look up at the windmills which will be sucking your dollars out of your pockets and look around you and see the little benefit that will be derived from such a peramanent destruction of your environment and the Lowel Mountain Ridgeline. The attackers have arrived and your town is in a state of seige. Just hear all the blasting around you and see all the destruction around you. It’s not the Fourth of July full of fireworks and a celebration of freedom…’s an attack on your rights, liberties, freedoms, democracy and a demise of your property values. Think smart !!! Stand up for your rights as our forefathers did.

    Ocean Moon

  2. vermonter says:

    Well Done Ocean Moon….

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