Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life In The Day of a Protest Supporter

I arrived at the base of the mountain at 6:30 am. It was pitch dark and there were 3 people from my group already there. Ron & Will were putting together the signs that they made with a screw gun working off the back of a pickup. I pulled up behind them to shed some more light on their project with my headlights. The signs were great! They stood over 7 feet tall and shaped as a construction sign.     “Stop Destroying Our Mountain”  shaped like a STOP sign in red.  “Detour To Honest Energy Policy”  in yellow.

Carol was there setting up base camp and the others followed. After gathering in a circle as the sun rose shining red on the mountain we made our plan and started another hike up the mountain. Every time I hike up, I say to myself,  ” This is the last time.” This protesting business has a way of consuming your life. I was just here yesterday helping with the open house.  But how can I stop and walk away from it?

As we hiked up we worried they weren’t working near the Nelson’s property line. That would ruin our whole plan. But as we neared the top it was clear from the noise that the construction trucks were driving right by our destination.  We hiked in quietly through the woods all in our thoughts about why we were doing this. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. We looked like something out of Bread & Puppet Theater with our tall signs on sticks and dressed in our oversized white tee shirts lettered in green winding through the woods.

Re-grouping Before We Rush The Crane Path

We rushed on to the Crane Path stretching out the banner with David and Eric on the end closest to the HUGE trucks going by! Eric pushed it a little farther and stepped directly into their path. It was amazing how all the equipment’s engines just wound down. It felt so powerful and yet was a little scary.  I thought,   “Boy are they going to be mad at us!”  I’m not one for confrontation but here I was in the midst of taking pictures and videos and sending them off to the blog master of the day to be posted as real-time.  These little I Phones are amazing.

From there it was talking to the workers and waiting for the police to come. They took forever. I quess we weren’t that much of a public nuisance. The workers got tired of waiting for the police and bulldozed a road around us. That was bit intimidating and kind of took the wind out of our sails. But we stood strong and waited in the drizzling rain until the police came.

The Police came. They  told us to leave or we would be arrested. They told Chris to leave but as you know he didn’t and got arrested…

So the protesters get shuttled down the mountain and the support crew carries down the signs, backpacks and organized a street crew for the Derby Police Station. I hurried home to work on the pictures for the blog….

So what’s next? Sit tight there is more in the works….

Stacy,  The Catamount from our days of having an alias…

My Favorite Picture Of The Day


3 comments on “Thursday, December 8, 2011

  1. Trevor Bates says:

    Do you mean ‘a day in the life’?

    Anyway, here’s a day in the life of a Vermont taxpayer:
    – wake up
    – go to work
    – come home
    – make some dinner
    – turn on the lights and the tv and the ipad
    – look forward to the wind project being completed and our power rates going down.

    Get back to work people, you’re wasting your time.

    • Guess What Trevor?
      I wake up
      Go to work
      Come home
      Make some dinner
      Turn very few lights on & computer
      Don’t look forward to the wind project being completed because the power rates will be going up!

  2. jjjones7 says:

    Good morning occupiers of our Beautiful Mtns…
    I love your article …especially about your thoughts on whether or not you can continue to spend so much time with other obligations…..You will…because Mother earth keeps calling you back to her womb…she does this so that your LIGHT will SHINE and your determination will capture the workers..many of them probably do not like what they have to do… to support their families..
    ….we all know this. think of the many who read this daily Mtn is shared through fb and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was carried through Twitter/Google……I think that you are capturing the Hearts of many…..Much Love…support and Peace of Mind to you…

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