Monday morning on the mountain

In Montpelier tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 13) the Public Service Board is having a public hearing regarding noise at Lowell.  GMP’s lawyers will cross examine the Lowell Mountains Group and Towns’ noise expert and the Towns’ and LMG’s lawyers will cross examine GMP’s noise expert.  These usually last about two hours.  The hearing starts at 10:00 Tuesday at the Public Service Board, 112 State St, Montpelier.  [youtube]

Monday Dec. 12 On the Mountain


7 comments on “Monday morning on the mountain

  1. Suze says:

    You guys are awesome! I live 2 hours away. It is a bit of a long drive. I wish I were there! All power to you! Power to the people. Amen!

  2. joyce jones says:

    I love all of these video’s and what you are doing…You are showing great determination for what you believe in…and I would imagine you have thousands of viewers like me who are encouraging you on…Keep the work of fighting for OUR Beautiful Mountains and the families that are surrounding the Mountains….Much Love encouragement coming your way….

  3. wind all the way?? no way says:

    You people are such heroes

    Thanks so very much

    I will never vote for shumlin again

    • windy says:

      who in fact can we vote for as governor?

      so far we have Brock or Shumlin, both death on the environment.

  4. Kate says:

    It brings tears to my eyes that there are people putting all of their time and energy into standing up for this land we live on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Christina Nelson Blais says:

    I have listened for years while people say “Nothing can be done…”, “It’s wrong, but I dont want to get involved…”, “You can’t fight against big money”, ‘political proccesses are bought”,”no one will be able to change this”, etc. I had begun to give up on the idea that people would stand up, would reach out without financial rewards, would agree that wrong is wrong and would take action knowing that change occurs only when people stop closing their eyes and start challenging what is wrong.

    Not everything is about money! Not everyone can be bought. Not everything can be financially compensated. I am proud of the efforts of your group! You have given us hope. You are making a difference Stay strong!


    • joyce jones says:

      Dear Chris…l sure like what you say….and your eyes are wide open Chris…We know there are Loving people out there just like you…as you say…most do not want to get involved…and that is too bad for the families that are in the middle of this whole fiasco…this continues to happen across this country and it is SAD…that more friends/people/ neighbors do not come forward and speak up for what is right in this country…We are being taken advantage of by BIG money..POOR Government…and people who choose to look the other way…We need the people who choose to look the other way if we are EVER….EVER going to be the Country that we once were….Yes they have given us HOPE….can they do it alone Chris??? Maybe…maybe not…but I will stand with them…beside them …and support them in any way that I can…I certainly thank them for their Love of this Country…the Mountains…the families in most need…Thank You Chris for your words of encouragement….We all like to hear it…..

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