FIRST:  Tuesday, December 20; Support the Lowell Six at their arraignment!  Meet on the courthouse steps at 7:50 in Newport to support the mountain occupiers who were arrested on December 5.  Bring signs about environmental costs of ridgeline wind development, the fact that GMP has blasted disputed property to build their crane path, and related points about wind power not being green!  We’ll have a rousing chorus of These Green Mountains and go in for the arraignment at 8:30.  Please come!

SECOND:  In the courtroom, we have a platform from which to make our case about uncounted environmental costs, corporate capture of the regulatory process, and the disputed property.  Media will report on proceedings, which amplifies our message beyond the walls of the courtroom.  This process is not without costs!  We need contributions to legal funds!  We are considering creating a consolidated legal defense fund for mountainoccupiers; for the moment, depending on your interests, you can make contributions to the DAVE AND TREVOR LEGAL DEFENSE FUND by making a check payable to KRISTINA MICHELSON, Attorney at law.  Write Dave and Trevor legal defense fund on the memo line, and bring your check to the arraignment, we’ll have a donations box there.  Or mail to Kristina Michelson at P.O. Box 1304, Hardwick, 05843.  OR you can contribute to the DONALD AND SHIRLEY NELSON LEGAL DEFENSE FUND by writing a check to HERSHENSON, CARTER, SCOTT & MCGEE and writing Shirley and Donald Nelson legal defense fund on the memo line.  Bring to the arraignment or mail to Hershenson, Carter, Scott, & McGee at  2776 Christian Street, White River Jct. 05001.

Thank you all for your energy and support for the ridgelines!



  1. Jordan Brener says:

    This stinks.

  2. windy says:

    As usual in the American justice system, whoever has the most money wins.

    The people have no recourse, all branches of government have sold out and we are on our own.

    If there is any hope, electing Ron Paul may be the change we were promised last time around.

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