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Janet Makes A Strong Point Here!

How Safe Do You Feel With Our Governor Running The Show?

12/14/2011 Lowell Mountain Wind – Janet Reed

Lowell Mountain wind

To the Editor:

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a letter to Gov. Peter Shumlin and sent copies to our state senators, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders concerning the Lowell Mountain wind project. Yesterday , I received an email back from Gov. Shumlin’s office addressing some of my concerns, mainly the issue of the noise that we may experience living here on our farm in Albany, Vt., which is in close proximity of the proposed 21 420-foot wind towers just up the road on top of Lowell Mountain. My concern over the noise issue came about after reading a letter from an adjoining neighbor (Paul Brochu, Sutton, Vt.) of the Sheffield Heights wind project in which he states, “I don’t have to wonder what it will be like anymore — now, with 15 turbines 420 feet high and their 153 feet long blades rotating, I know. Much of the time, they’re often pulsating roar is like living near an eight-lane highway or next to an airport where the planes never stop taking off … I say to myself, this is forever.” This letter was in the Nov. 30 issue of the Barton Chronicle.

Gov. Shumlin’s response to my letter of concerns reads in part, “Last year the town of Lowell voted to allow the wind project to move forward. In addition to the town vote, local concerns were closely considered by the Public Service Board during the permitting process. The board carefully crafted its approval to meet those concerns as much as possible. For example, the board established a mechanism whereby landowners who are unable to develop their property due to excessive noise are to be compensated, the first time such a mechanism has been developed in Vermont.” By his own admission, he and the Public Service Board are aware that these wind towers could produce “excessive noise.” Is everybody OK with that? Do the people of Lowell realize what they are getting into? Trading their peace and serenity for money? I have never seen a skyscraper, but to have the equivalent of 21 45-story skyscrapers sitting atop of Lowell Mountain here in Vermont… Stop and think about that for a minute. I can only imagine. Yet, if this project continues, it will become a reality.

Today in the Chronicle there is a letter to the editor from Delvin Warner of Lowell, Vt. that reads, “A quick note to all. I have been hearing that some of the nearby residents are being bothered with the noise created by the new wind project in Sheffield. If you are one of those affected by the noise, you may contact the Public Service Board in Montpelier to let them know your concerns.”

Looks like we better keep that number handy: (802) 828-2358.

This is our state, it belongs to all the people, we should all have a say in what happens to it. This isn’t just the Lowell Mountain Wind Project. You put something that big on a mountain top in Vermont, it becomes a part of Vermont.

Vermont is a special place. We need to keep it that way. If we have to move due to “excessive noise,” where are we going to go?

Janet Reed

Albany, Vt.

Moose Track On Lowell Mountain


2 comments on “Wednesday, December 14, 2011

  1. Jordan Brener says:

    Janet Reed, you certainly made a good point here but here is another: what do you think is going to happen to your property value? You will be taxed at current, estimated value after these things are installed and your home will be unsalable. All neighboring towns will suffer from property devaluation. All property will need to be re-valued because people will not want to pay their taxes on unfairly estimated property worth. This is going to hit people very hard in the face.

  2. jjjones7 says:

    Hello Janet…
    Unfortunately what you have heard is true…This is the other side of Wind turbines that were probably not explained to you if you voted Yes for this project…However I have placed a video on Save the Lowell Mtns regarding this very concern of yours…This concern is felt by the majority of people across the country because the Turbines were placed too close to the peoples homes….
    Janet you said that YOUR Gov..offered some compensation for this problem…the problem with that is the money is not going to stop the noise …nor will it relieve you of any future Health issues because of the 24/7 noise factors….Janet you do not have to move…you can gather friends/neighbors together and have a meeting about what you think your next step should be…You have to be determined enough…and Love your surroundings enough to stand up for what you believe is fair…Let me offer this comment.Janet….Many of our Politicians do not care how this affects their constituents….they are possessed with GREED for the almighty dollar……Janet too many people have been asleep and have not wanted to face this issue…only when it affects them…so maybe if you proceed with dealing with this…you can wake up some people…Good Luck Janet….Keep up with the Mountain Talk…they are very inspiring and are very determined to change things….

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