FOR TUESDAY December 20, 2011

TOMORROW: Tuesday, December 20:  Support the Lowell Six at their arraignment!  Meet on the courthouse steps at 7:50 in Newport to support the Mountain Occupiers who were arrested on December 5.  Bring signs about environmental costs of ridgeline wind development, the fact that GMP has blasted disputed property to build their crane path, and related points about wind power not being green!  We’ll have a rousing chorus of ‘These Green Mountains’ and go in for the arraignment at 8:30.  After the arraignment there will be a press conference at the Newport City Gym directly across the street from the courthouse.

Be there and be SEEN and HEARD!

They Stood up for us! We need to stand up for them!

I'm Reporting on the Arrests. No! You are being arrested also....?

12/5/11 Six Arrested For Blocking Crane Path On Disputed Property & 1 Reporter!


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  1. joyce jones says:

    I will pray for the Lowell 6 who were unjustly arrested while standing on the disputed property of the Nelson….and being supportive of our Beautiful Green Mountains…

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