An Open Poem for Governor Shumlin: High on Vermont Hills

An Open Poem for Governor Shumlin

by Jerry Johnson,

High on Vermont Hills 

High on Vermont hills dreadful turbines blow,

Atop each precious ridgeline row after row.

Eagles on wing bravely soar and fly

As each native creature begins a mournful cry.


Don’t put wind towers on Green Mountain soil–

You’ll ravage the hilltops, the mountains you’ll spoil.

Don’t pillage the homes of the deer and the hawk

And all of the animals unable to talk.


Don’t rape precious landscape and destroy what is there,

You’ll wipe out the haunts of the moose and the bear.

Havoc you’ll bring with gargantuan roads,

Have you no mercy for the creatures’ abodes?


Consider the trees destroyed in your wake,

Think of the consequences surely at stake.

Vermont is noted for its unparalleled beauty,

Keeping it that way is our solemn duty.


Consider a masterpiece by Picasso or Wyeth:

Would you destroy it and bring on its death?

Stop what you’re doing and depart from our state,

Leave our mountains alone before it’s too late.


Green Mountain hills should never be destroyed,

Nothing you add could ever fill up the void.

Leave well enough alone, our hills we must save,

Less each precious ridge becomes a windswept grave.


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  1. Christina Nelson Blais says:

    would be nice to be able to sign this … one after one, after another and send it to him and the others in legistature… maybe the number of signatures would make a point that he could hear

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