Leaving a carbon footprint


Published: December 24, 2011

The forward-thinking environmentalists of 40 years ago, after much on-the-ground research, came to the realization that Vermont’s ridge environments over 2,500 feet in elevation were fragile, rare and sacred ecological wonders and in need of strict protection.

Now comes the modern thinker and writer who couldn’t be bothered to take an up-close look at the precious high elevation ridges like the Lowell ridge before declaring how fine it is to blast apart a ridge like this with 800,000 pounds of explosives for industrial wind generation. As an aside, I wonder if this much explosive was used to build all of Vermont’s ski areas combined.

For these writers, I will describe what I used to see on Lowell ridge. Lowell ridge was a place where cliffs and ledges guarded slow-growing trees. Here could be found ground so beautifully blanketed with flowering trout lilies that there was an urge to lie down in their plush comfort. On this ridge could be found places in the spruces and firs so dark and quiet and mysterious that, if words were spoken at all by the human visitor, they were spoken in hushed tones, like when one enters a cathedral.

I hope we don’t see much more short-sighted destruction of Vermont’s precious ridges in answer to man’s short-sightedly caused global warming. Shockingly, this destruction is being pushed by Vermont leaders who uncaringly create personal carbon footprints higher than the average Vermonter.

Justin Lindholm


3 comments on “Leaving a carbon footprint

  1. Jordan Brener says:

    I thought I was a “modern thinker”, too, but it appears I’ve turned into an old fart because I’m against these Lowell wind towers, so , I empathize with you, Justin, and am glad you’ve reconsidered; I did, too. Now, are you beginning to feel like an old fart also? Maybe old farts ARE modern, educated thinkers and I selectively wish all OFs a happy holiday.J

  2. Shirley Nelson says:

    We tried throughout the prefiled testimony and technical hearings to tell the PSB, ANR, DPS, GMP and others what a unique place the Lowell Range is…
    —the rare white hawk that nested there for 13 years
    —the mossy animal trail that followed the ridgeline and had been used forever
    —the large patch of pink moss that you did lay down in because it was so inviting
    —the sounds of the rain and the barks, yips and howls of the coyotes, the hoots of the owls and bears and the bellows of the moose
    —the absolute silence at times
    —the echos of the sounds
    —the springs coming up out of the rocks and ledges and streams with surprising waterfalls
    —the hawks and vultures that circled in the air currents to gain altitude
    —the geese that fly just above the mountains to get from the Black River watershed to Eden Lake
    —the bears that frequent the mountain and surrounding areas
    —the winter moose yards on the mountain top
    —the mountain side and mountaintop vantage points used by the deer
    —the hunting area for so many that wanted a real hunt
    —the rare glimpses of lynx and catamounts
    —the history of the Bayley Hazen Road to the settling of the NEK

    I believe the governor, the PSB, the ANR, the DPS and GMP have defiled the state and that will be their legacy.

    White Hawk

    • jjjones7 says:

      Dear Shirley….What beautiful surroundings you describe….I can see and hear all of the Wildlife that you describe and have been so fortunate to live with and enjoy…What a beautiful life you have had with our Wildlife and how fortunate they have been to have shared with you and yours…
      I am so sorry that this is happening to you and our beautiful Mountains..I can shed tears with you and for you and yours…This should not be happening to Our Mountains nor the people who will lose so much because of Greed and sickness that has controlled such POOR decision making by your Politicians and Gaz/Metro…I agreed with your take on the Legacy of your Gov and offices…they have defiled your state/ Your mountains and the families that are being affected by their GREEDY activities….I am sure that many Tourists are totally disgusted.as I am…Many Prayers are with you Shirley and all the families surrounding the Mountains….Sincerely…

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