Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

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Published in the January/February 2012 issue of Orion magazine

It took me a while to realize where this kind of talk took me back to: the maze and the moonlit hilltop. This desperate scrabble for “sustainable development” was in reality the same old same old. People I had thought were on my side were arguing aggressively for the industrializing of wild places in the name of human desire. This was the same rootless, distant destruction that had led me to the top of Twyford Down. Only now there seemed to be some kind of crude equation at work that allowed them to believe this was something entirely different. Motorway through downland: bad. Wind power station on downland: good. Container port wiping out estuary mudflats: bad. Renewable hydropower barrage wiping out estuary mudflats: good. Destruction minus carbon equals sustainability.

"Taking" a stream on the GMP Lowell Wind site Dec. 22, 2011


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  1. What a fantastic essay — thanks!

  2. ed wolfe says:

    This Essay is a must read by anyone in the decission makeing of wind power

  3. ed wolfe says:

    This essay is a must read by anyone pro/anti wind power .Read it and then decide .

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