Go Annie!


It was with outrage that I read the article in Seven Days about Jay Peak’s new water park. Temperatures in the 80s in mid winter and a roof they can pull back so you can get a tan. I think my temperature almost hit the boiling point by the time I finished reading. All I could think was – for this we are destroying the Lowell Mountains?!! So our “green” energy can be used for what??!!!  All the 350.org demonstrations, all the speaking out about fracking and tar sand extraction and pipelines, coal mining and coal plants, all those protests at Vermont Yankee, all the lightbulbs we have changed – all that means absolutely nothing if we humans can not stop inventing amazing new ways to waste energy. Every time we turn on a light, walk into a store to buy something, throw away something we don’t need anymore, we need to stop and think hard about the energy used. Where did it come from. Even all the green energy in the world has side effects from blasting off our ridgetops for a wind farm, to the finite precious metals used in photovoltaic panels.  All the PR about “green” wind farms powering Vermont homes is propaganda. It goes into the grid pool and is shipped anywhere it is needed, including places like a water park.   It is time to stop putting a “green” smiley face on wasteful, frivolous use of electricity.    Annie Gaillard  Walden, VT


6 comments on “Go Annie!

  1. Mike says:

    Nice job putting things in perspective. A few years ago Jay Peak was on our side. They flipped. It is interesting to see WHY they flipped.

  2. Suze says:

    Outrageous! What a travesty! You are 100% right. Thank you, Annie. Shame on you, Jay Peak.

  3. Brad Cornell says:

    Well said Annie, very well said!

  4. Jordan Brener says:

    The power was supposed to go to homeowners/residents and this has been stated numerous times in press releases; it is supposed to be for the “public good.” GMP has never mentioned KCW was designed to feed Jay Peak — is this what the transmission lines are designed for? If Jay Peak is going to eat up the power for their waterpark, then they should pay for their footprint, and, if this is true, it’s obvious we’ve been lied to and taken advantage of. What are those transmission lines going to look like, anyway — are they going to be just one more eyesore? What is Jay Peak’s cost for power compared to an average resident’s?

  5. windy says:

    Follow the money.

    Jay peak expansion was funded with Chinese money, investors of $500,000> bought permission to live here.

    Is Jay in fact a ‘free enterprise zone’?

  6. jjjones7 says:

    Dear Annie…very well said…I only wish that you knew in the beginning what you are aware of now…I want to make sure that you are aware of the other half of these fake Turbines….You have probably heard or read that people may get sick if the Turbines are placed within hearing range…People across our Loving Country are getting sick because of the whooshing 24/7…and the shadows at night time…and the noises that the turbines make 24/7…People try to sell their homes because they can’t take it anymore and find out that know one wants to buy it…they do not want to have to put up with the noise either…Gaz/Metro will say they will turn down the Decibels but it is not enough..I hope that people do not get sick….but it will be an issue…I am afraid….I am a Tourists from Illinois and have followed this happening for close to a yr…People in Illinois have also complained in various areas…I had hoped that if it could be stopped in Vermont…the rest of the country would think twice……so much for thinking….I have been praying and hoping for a severe freeze in the Vermont Mountains that would last through out the whole Winter…that could slow things up…Good Luck Annie…You have a difficult road ahead…I do hope the surrounding families
    can stay Healthy…….

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