New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day, 2012, a handful of hikers ascended Lowell Mountain and arrived at the Camp Site inside the Nelson property line at about 12:30 pm. The mountain was covered with fog. One of our number stepped onto the path where it trespasses onto the Nelson property. A GMP security contractor immediately came out of the fog and began filming our party from a pick up truck. Per custom, he said nothing.

there was a stream here

We proceeded south and followed the crane path down around the corner to the site of tower 8; stopping to eat our lunch along the way. The crane path crosses a high altitude wetland that formerly had water flowing in both directions. Now, the height of the wetland is buried directly under the crane path. A small stream still flows out of this wetland north towards the Access Road Junction. The wetland remains a seep on the south side until it gets to where the serpentine crane path comes back around to it. Previously, groundwater had run down a steep gully on the south side of Bald Head becoming a small stream. This stream is now buried under an estimated 8 ft. of fill for several hundred feet.

A pole loomed out of the dense fog near the proposed site of Tower 9. It had a ladder attached to it and a wooden sign with what looked like a backwards “P” on it. We hypothesized that this sign designated Powell’s Perch. A place of quiet solitude where she can observe the devastation she and her associates have wrought.

We walked over the buried stream towards to the south until we came to a small but deep quarry next to the edge of the road. Beyond the back wall of the small quarry was a very deep quarry that had an excavator parked in the bottom of it. There were blasting cones in the top of the ridge separating the two excavations.

A little further along the ridgeline the crane path petered out and became a muddy, rutted skidder track. We followed this path to the second Met Tower. There was a pile of logs in the road before the Met Tower. We continued a bit further south past the Met Tower then moved down off the mountain, heading back to our cars.

It is changing up there every day, and not for the better.


3 comments on “New Year’s Day

  1. Brad Blake says:

    The description of the destruction of this mountain is heartbreaking! How can anyone in New England believe that destroying the mountains for the folly of wind is acceptable in any way? Why aren’t Boston Globe reporters coming up to witness this and report back? The media silence on the issue of mountain destruction for wind development in Northern New England is deafening. They are largely complicit in pushing the wind development agenda.

  2. Jordan Brener says:

    This is just so sad and stupid.

  3. jjjones7 says:

    Dear Occupiers and Observers….I have to say that you are Heart Brave to walk through the Devastation/Destruction and gutting of what was once a Beautiful Pristine Mountain full of Tree’s/wildlife that changed seasonally…leaving us breathless…How anyone in their right mind could destroy such Beauty is incomprehensible ……and for a flawed/fake/turbine that will not do what GMP claims…I have a question about the streams that you refer to being covered up…are these the streams that would trickle down to the river/lake…is this going to eventually affect the water supply???? for the community..??? Just wondering….I wonder about a lot of things that this crew is doing!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing your everyday experiences with us…We will not forget it…

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