How things change — Don Gregory

How things change

To the Editor:

I’m referring to a couple of the many impacts large scale wind projects are creating besides the visual, ecological, etc. Impacts that we who live in the surrounding area of the Sheffield Wind Project now have to live with.

I live along the Underpass Road in the town of Sutton. My home and property sets in a northeasterly direction from the wind project site and out of the view shed of the towers. The ridgeline of Norris Mountain is between my property and the wind project.

I can now attest that since the wind project went online this past fall the quietness in this area has been compromised.

I spent a lot of time outside during our deer season this past fall. I hunted in areas where it used to be quiet and still. Now you can hear the intrusive noise of the wind towers. Some days the noise level was louder than others. These areas I’m talking about are some distance from the project site and out of the view shed.

Now If I’m outside in my dooryard the sound of the wind towers can be heard. Some days louder than others. The noise to me sounds like a rushing waterfall, off in the distance.

Besides the loss of quietness, I’m very concerned about property values going down. Most homeowners will tell you their home is their life’s investment. Common sense tells me that the number of potential buyers would be impacted if I ever decided to sell my property.I feel the Public Service Board and the Shumlin Administration should look at these commercial wind projects with more scrutiny, since these projects are impacting us Vermonters in more ways than you can imagine.

Don Gregory

Sutton, Vt.


2 comments on “How things change — Don Gregory

  1. jjjones7 says:

    Dear Don….I am so sorry about your situation….Most of us who have been following the Turbine issues across our Beautiful country are well aware of the issue that you are talking about….Your assumption that it might or will devalue your home is correct as well…Who else would want to live under the noise….the other concern and happening across the country is people’s Health issues…It wears on you because much of the time it is 24/7 unless the Wind is not blowing…Many people who have high B/P…problems sleeping..Depression..Rapid Heart Beat initially have had these symptoms increased….Let’s pray./Intent that your current situation does not get worse….

  2. Suze says:

    This is a tragedy…a TRAVESTY. I am nearly speechless. So sorry for you. My area in “on the list”.

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