Pictures from State Inspections in December

Click on photo for Dec. 9 pictures from state site visit

Click on picture to see more photos from Dec. 22, 2011 State site visit


2 comments on “Pictures from State Inspections in December

  1. joyce jones says:

    Dear Mountain Lovers
    While looking at the rocks and dust/dirt being shoved over the side rather then picked up and hauled out …l thought better of it because every speck of Rock that they shove over the side belongs there…It belongs right where they shove…it because it is all a part of the Mountain just as
    you and I are…We are all a part of the Mountains whether they are standing talk and Pristine or whether they are being shoveled away/gutted and all of the other destruction that they are causing…The Mountains are beautiful just the way they are…no matter which way they are….The Mountain spirit runs high and wide and they can’t touch it…I wish they could feel it..maybe they would walk away from the Mountains…or sit and cry…which would be better for them….Have a Beautiful rest of the day….

  2. Suze says:

    So sorry to Lowell and surrounding towns…to all of Vermont. And those out of state who love Vermont. I can hardly look at a picture of Shumlin.

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