Sunday Ridgerunners

View of 2nd Met Tower From Nelson's Road

The Met Tower looked so much closer and taller this morning. It had only warmed up to 5 above. The frost on the mountain and the tower made everything look almost surreal. After seeing the movie  ” Windfall”  last night I realized what those close towers really meant for the Nelsons.  I knew now what it meant to be 1 mile or closer to those monstrosities.  How hard it must be for these people to leave such a beautiful place. A place they have called home for so many years. Where they raised their children and felt at home with the landscape and wild animals that were their neighbors. The land that they took care of.  It was such a pretty day and yet this doom seemed to hover in the air.

Three of us headed up to the Lowell Ridge Line. There was more snow than I expected. It’s just on the edge of needing snowshoes.  The climb up was pleasantly warm with the sun beating through the hardwoods. We had 3 dogs with us who sometimes chose to let us lead the way to pack the trail.

Looking Up!

As we made it to the top one of us had to leave with 2 of the dogs. The cold snow & ice was too much for one of the dogs feet. We said our goodbyes with regrets of splitting up. Myself and another went to the base of the Crane Path and listened….We thought we could hear a snowmobile but it was actually a plow truck.  The truck went South so we hopped onto the road and went North.

I hadn’t been past the 1st Met Tower since they cut the trees and built the road past it. The sun was still shining but it was colder with the wind. As we rounded the corner past the # 5 Tower site, heading North we saw the cut in the road and thought here we go again, mass destruction on the mountain. How could they do it? The  “Windfall”  movie came back to mind and I thought,  ” Oh yea, I keep forgetting it’s about money not the environment!”

The slide show at the end will take you with us as we traveled North and then dropped down on the Bailey Hazen Road to go back to our cars. There will be views looking in all directions. The pictures don’t do the beauty or the destruction justice. We met another lone Ridgerunner at the Northern end. We had seen his tracks on past hikes and he had seen ours. We exchanged pleasantries and thoughts about the project. He went South and we went East.

Everytime I leave the Mountain now I appreciate it more. It won’t be the same next time I hike up there. Those machines and that money are really doing a number on it…

Slide show is here.


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  1. Suze says:

    The views are beautiful…Too bad that all of these views will be not accessible to anyone except the wind company once they POST: NO TRESPASSING all along the ridgeline for MILES. The ravaging on the mountain is so sad, nauseating, infuriating and a “SHAME ON YOU GOV. SHUMLIN, GMP, GAZ METRO…”.
    What are they doing with all of that timber? It Belongs to the people of Vermont!

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