Sunday Open House

30 hikers braved the 2 – 3 feet of snow on the mountain today. The first 2 hikers had the chore of breaking trail, building a fire and preparing hot chocolate for the ones that followed!  I was at the end of the pack so had a pretty easy climb following the footsteps and frozen steps of the ones before me. Gone were the days of wallowing in the mud from early fall to early winter.

As you can see the last of us had it pretty easy staying on top of the packed snow.  I also realized that under all this snow was a mud slide from the fall and early winter and knew that what we had caused was nothing compared to what the heavy equipment caused on the top. How much mud on the 30 to 50 foot slopes of new road was covered by the snow up there? What was it all going to look like this spring? Just how muddy were the brooks going to look  in April? Will the Public Service Board care about the brooks in Albany & Lowell? Will they fix it? Will the politicians in Montpelier fight for the environment here? Do they even care ?  At least 2 came to look today, Lucy Leriche on the mountain and Vicky Strong at the question, answer & slide show at The Albany School after the hike. Vicky had been to the mountain before but this was Lucy’s first visit.  The security guard kept us from seeing all of the destruction. We can only hope that Lucy could see what was happening under the cover of the pretty fresh fallen snow.

At The Top...

The people at this open house seemed to have a different mind set than at the other open houses that we have hosted. It was a more sullen group. Not alot of chatter and questions. More like… lets go see what it looks like now.  There were alot of people who had been up before and a few new comers including Lucy. The cold and the snow have a way of muting the destruction. I bet it doesn’t mute it for the animals & environment. It must intesify it. And today GMP workers weren’t working. The only noise came from the security guard’s truck running (which never gets turned off), the fire crackling, our voices and a few barking dogs.

Huddling Around The Fire On PrivateProperty!

After the hike we all assembled at the Albany Elementary School with lots of cookies, cider and a great slide show from a fellow hiker. The slides showed all the tower sites, blasting, road building and new views created by GMP!

Kestrel's Rope Course Near the Top

Trudging Through The Snow