The judge granted the Motion to Dismiss charges against the two Sterling College students, Trevor and Dave, who were arrested on the Nelsons’ property for violating the Temporary Restraining Order.

Read the Judge’s Dismissal Decision

  • The Court observes that under the Preliminary Injunction Green Mountain Power Corporation was ordered to “. . .warn the public of any blasting.” Also, Green Mountain Power was ordered to “. . .provide law enforcement with notice of blasting sufficient to allow for execution of this order. There was no evidence presented at the hearing from which the Court is able to find that Green Mountain Power Corporation complied with these Orders. In fact, the evidence received on this topic was that Green Mountain Power did not provide law enforcement with notice of the time that blasting would begin.




6 comments on “DISMISSED!

  1. Christina Nelson Blais says:

    Yes! Finally a judgement based on law ~ congratulations Trevor and Dave!

  2. Kelley Lind says:

    Justice is slowly being served!!! Congrats!

  3. Suze says:

    That is EXCELLENT news! Yay Trevor & Dave!!!

  4. joyce jones says:

    Happy to hear this…finally a PLUS in out favor….

  5. Shirley Nelson says:

    GREAT NEWS! Justice has been served.
    Don and Shirley

  6. Brad Cornell says:

    Some good news finally!!

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