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  1. All wind companies are promoting the same fraud, be it in Greece or in Vermont.

    Wind generators produce very little useful energy. They will tell you about the zillions on megawathours, and tons of CO2 saved, but these are artificial, imputed figures, made possible only by their mandatory use by the grid.

    They replace a lot less actual fuel than corresponds to the MWhrs they claim to generate. (They do generate them, but some conventional plant is humming allong anyway) . Even their “capacity factor” (20-25% in Greece, 17% in Germany 28% in Scotland) overstates the amount of fuel actually saved.

    There is a nice little example from the Falklands:

    The wind salesmen were advertizing a 40% energy contribution: http://en.mercopress.com/2010/02/17/wind-turbines-to-supply-40-of-falklands-power

    The propaganda was moved into the teens but when fuel substituiton was measured, it was measured to be between 4.3% and 8.3% That may be nice and ecological sounding, but each installed MW costs, on a “levelized basis” more than a nuclear MW.

    Try asking the wind developers for a fuel replacement performance guarantee. Not MWhrs produced, and homes powered, but “actual fuel saved” instead. They will decline.

    Here is another cute example, Germany.

    Germany is the master promoter of this nonsense (and the Spaniards have made a decent export business out of it — even though their recent government is stopping further wind projects to stop losing competitiveness to the French, and to avoid Greek style bankruptcy.)

    Germany has about 22,000 installed MW. They typically claim to contribute 6,5% of their needs, in line with E.ON’s study (fig. 7, p.9 at

    In 2011 they reached 7%, but had several balckout close calls, only averted by importing nuclear from France and the Czech Republic, and emergency oil fired electricity form Austria. http://www.welt.de/dieweltbewegen/article13798376/Oesterreich-rettet-deutsche-Stromversorgung.html

    They also caused grid stability problems by dumping excess wind power to neighbouring Poland (easily documented through google)

    Something an engineer will confirm is that wind power gowes with wind speed raised to the third power, and that causes all sorts of problems when the installed capacity goes over a certain trivial level, and, as result, most installations are kept at the trivial level. So, there is no reason to damage mountains. If I understand, tourism is important in Vermont, the last thing you need is metallic trees towering over rolling hills of red leaves in October.

    The wind scam is difficult to explain. You need a power engineer, a grid engineer, someone knowledgeable in wind generators, a utility microeconomics person, and someone understanding investmenent decision to document it. Exagerating antropogenic climate change and lying about salvation through windmills is a lot easier.

    Such a beautiful place… I will “steal” your slogan about ridges not been renewable.

  2. FurrySquirrel says:

    Hey, I made the movie! That was me in the orange safety vest! Thanks for Sharing…

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