Winds of Change — A New Play

Winds of Change

Vermont Playwrights Circle reading of new play.


3 comments on “Winds of Change — A New Play

  1. OceanMoon says:

    Winds of Change……a play

    This poem…written as an inspiration

    Sitting here on the deck of my home

    So quiet… calm

    Enjoying the breeze

    Sifted through Tamarack trees and more

    My Lowell Mountains reach the sky

    How beautiful and gorgeous you are

    So heavily wooded…so naturally devine

    HIS sacred creation….now mine

    Stay as you have been

    For hundreds of years

    As our ancestors first saw you

    Magestic and prestine

    Stay here here here

    Just as you are are are

    Let me admire your beauty

    The fight will be won

    Looking at the Lowell Mountains

    From the deck of my home

    You shall not be disturbed

    But remain as you are………

    *Part of a Poem written for a certain Vermonter
    prior to the beginning of the destruction
    of the ridgeline

  2. P Gosselin says:

    At least there is still a process in Vermont for getting approval. Not anymore in Germany.

    All the industrialization of the mountains is being done by the Greens spooked by the fiction of climate change. The worst is yet to come.

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