If this isn’t shocking and offensive, what is?

GMP Wind Turbine Site on Lowell Mountain
Nelson Farm in background, upper middle
Photo by Steve Wright

Click on this link to see More Aerial Photos (updated Sunday) of Green Mountain Power’s ridgeline destruction.  And More Photos Here.

EPSC Reports from March 15 through April 12

8 comments on “If this isn’t shocking and offensive, what is?

  1. Brad Cornell says:

    Great picture Steve. Give a very good feel for just how horrible it truly is.

  2. Jordan Brener says:

    This photo illustrates what the word “Stunning” means. Bravo Steve!

  3. Katrinka says:

    So–what happens when we have a heavy rainfall on each of these 21 pads??

    • Suze says:

      Exactly! Fast moving stormwater run off = erosion, silting up of stream headwaters and pristine streams, killing aquatic life & habitat, FLOODING… And, since these sites and their access roads are now compacted areas, they will not absorb water to refresh our ground water / wells. All of that stormwater will run off…and run off FAST! Excellent question!

  4. Kelley Lind says:

    Well, doesn’t that looks completely natural….. I am glad they assured us that things will look the same as before when all is said and done…. All natural mountain tops have whatever this is on top and 4 lane highways carved into the sides all the way to the top and across it. Yep no damage what so ever…..

  5. Mike Brodie says:

    well what has been accomplished is amazing. The are giving the ugly truth and exposing the Shumlin coruption,,,,,,It seems like people are finally getting it.


  6. regan1000 says:

    Great photos, Steve. They make my stomach turn. I am so sorry for Vermonters. The Dalai Lama is in Chicago tomorrow on a panel of Nobel Peace Laureates entitled, “Speak Up, Speak Out”. You have certainly done your part in that regard. I wish more Americans would avail themselves of our precious democracy before it whittles away to nothing and we end up with even more environmental deaths like this one.

  7. P Gosselin says:

    Thank the “green” movement for this.

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