EARTH DAY on Lowell Mountain

30 Hikers braved the cold, wind and misty day of the 4th open house on the mountain. Of the 30 people, 20 were new hikers who had not been to the top before. We would like to thank all that came to show their support and share their opinions of renewable energy and especially to see what it looks like to see a ridgeline transformed from a pristine forest to a hideous highway of blasted rock. A special thanks goes to Anne Morse who has done an exceptional job of organizing our open houses and of course to Don & Shirley Nelson and their family. We, their new extended family appreciate their strength and stamina in fighting the corporate greed that has consumed their every day existence.  With that said, I also wonder how the landowners that have allowed this to happen, do they sleep at night? My little EARTH DAY Jab!

Among the local and not so local folks that came were Joe Benning, the county Senator from Caledonia County! And also Sam Young our State Representative for Orleans- Caledonia county!Hurray for Senators and Representatives that come out to see in person what all the fuss is about! And also an independent filmmaker from Michigan, Jeff Gibbs who came all the way from Michigan just to attend this open house!  So for all you grassrooters who sometimes think our work is fruitless, we are making a difference!

Okay, I’ll get off my high EARTH DAY HORSE and back to the day!

We all gathered at the bottom of the mountain, signed in, warmed up by the fire and met people that we were going to spend the day with. Then we started up the mountain.

Gathering at the base

Here we are at the half-way point reading a bit of trivia!

And then at the top for a question and answer session with Pat O’Neal…

Questions & Answers at the top with Hail & Mist

The Police were there to make sure we stayed on our side of the line.

Are They Lamoille County Or Orleans County Sheriffs?
Don't worry GMP is paying them not your tax dollars....
But GMP is using your 44 Million tax Dollars for this project... or is it 47 Million?

Here is a photo that makes a statement of how special and how high in elevation this # 5 tower site is. No logger would be allowed to cut trees at this elevation because of ACT 250 restrictions. But a big Corporation based in Canada can do what it needs to do in the name of Green Energy with our tax dollars. There was a light mist at the bottom of this mountain. Light hail fell on us half way up. At the top tress were covered with 1/4 inch of ice. It would have been a beautiful picture if not the man-made desecration of the Lowell Mountains….

Tower Site # 5

More Photos on the Mountain on Earth Day and here and here.


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