Click on the photo to see more aerial photos of the Lowell ridgeline being destroyed by Gaz-Metro, Green Mountain Power, Vermont Electric Coop, Maine Drilling and Blasting, ADA Security, Bates & Murray Electrical, Ken Davis, New England Tree Experts, ECI, Northern Realm Power, Reed & Reed, with the blessing of Governor Shumlin, ANR Secretary Deb Markowitz, and DEC Commissioner David Mears.


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  1. Katrinka says:

    Vermont’s state song:

    These green hills and silver waters
    Are my home – they belong to me
    And to all her sons and daughters
    May they be strong and forever free

    Let us live to protect her beauty
    And look with pride on the golden dome
    They say home is where the heart is
    These green mountains are my home

    These green mountains are my home

  2. OceanMoon says:

    It is devastating to see the picture of the perpetrated rape on the Lowell Mountains. My hope is that the power of these corporations who step on the rights of Vermonters, will not be forgotten. My hope is that the deceitulness of the politicians will not be indifferent to us and that we do not abandon ourselves to their injustice. This was written prior to the devastation:

    Lowell Mountains Are My Home:

    Sitting here on the deck of my home
    So quiet….so calm
    Enjoying the breeze
    Sifted through Tamarack trees and more

    My Lowell Mountains reach the sky
    How beautiful and gorgeous you are
    So heavily wooded…so naturally devine
    HIS creation…now mine

    Stay as you have been
    For hundreds of years
    As our ancestors first saw you
    Magic and prestine

    Stay as you were
    When I first staked this land as my home
    My mountain tops shall not be raped
    By violators of mankind

    Stay here here here
    Just as you are are are
    Let me admire your beauty
    The fight will be won

    Looking at the Lowell Mountains
    From the deck of my home
    You shall not be disturbed
    But remain as you are…

    Poem written for One That Loves His Land

  3. Brad Blake says:

    I have seen a lot of mountain destruction for these sprawling industrial wind sites, but these are some of the most horrific photos I have seen! The cuts into this mountain are much deeper than places like Kibby in Maine, which is similar mountain topography. When I use the term “blasting away, leveling, and scalping the mountains”, which I use frequently, Lowell Mountain will be in my mind and in my broken heart. Shame on Vermont to allow this for such a folly!

  4. Daisy says:

    Looks like a very neat, organized, clean jobsite to me. Good job everyone over at KCW!

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