Chris Braithwaite on May 27, 2012, 7 p.m.

Stand Against the Wind, Chris Braithwaite. Sun. 5/27/12 7pm ET

May 24, 2012

WWR will interview Chris Braithwaite about wind energy development enveloping the ridges of Vermont and the confrontations it has provoked.

Chris has just published Stand Against the Wind and we will talk with him about the book and his upcoming trial.  Chris was arrested as he attempted to report on the  Lowell Mountain project.
The book: In the fall of 2011, as Green Mountain Power began construction of a major wind power development on Lowell Mountain in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, a small group of citizens decided to stop it. They had already tried to convince the state’s utility regulators that the project was environmentally destructive and economically disastrous, and they had failed. This book is about their decision to carry on the fight. Purchase a copy here.
Howard Frank Mosher, whose novels have acquainted readers everywhere with the picaresque charm of the Northeast Kingdom, had this to say: “Chris Braithwaite’s STAND AGAINST THE WIND is a fine, original book – a sobering and well-written examination of a truly grassroots effort to stop a corporate and governmental juggernaut from defiling one of northern Vermont’s most remote and unspoiled mountains.”

Chris Braithwaite has covered the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont since he co-founded the Chronicle, a weekly community newspaper, in 1974. He has reported on the battle over putting industrial-scale wind turbines on Vermont’s ridge lines since it began, and he covered this story as a reporter as it made its uncertain way to the arrest of the Lowell Six in December, 2011. Over a career that spans 49 years, Braithwaite has been a Washington Journalism Fellow and a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University; has won recognition from the New England Press Association for editorial writing and investigative journalism; and has visited 11 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa as a consultant to small newspapers in emerging democracies.

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  1. Great program last night. State Senator Joe Benning also joined us for the second half of the show.

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