The Event You’ve Been Waiting For – This Monday!

Lowell Must Be the Last!

Rally Monday July 16th!

This Monday morning, July 16th, Green Mountain Power will bring the first truck load of turbine parts to the Lowell Mountains.  This will be a highly visible moment and we need people to be there to greet the turbines.  The Governor and the Public Service Board continue to support these projects, and we want to tell them and any wind developer with their eye on Vermont’s mountains that the problems with ridgeline wind aren’t going away, and that we won’t stand for the disrespect and devastation of more communities and ecosystems.  Our rallying cry is: Lowell must be the last!  Bread and Puppet Theater, members of the media, and supporters from all over the Kingdom are expected!

Bring a sign or banner and as many friends as you can!

Please carpool if possible! 

Where: Route 100, 2 miles south of Lowell, across from the entrance to the project.

When: Monday, July 16th, 9:00 AM until 11:30 ish (the trucks are required to stop moving at 11:00)  Come at 9:00 and stay as long as your can – if you can’t skip work, see if you can arrive an hour late, or take an early lunch break.

Rain Date: If it’s raining, the parts won’t be moved and we’ll postpone the rally until the next day.  You will want to check the Mountain Occupiers blog to confirm what day the rally is happening:

See you there!


2 comments on “The Event You’ve Been Waiting For – This Monday!

  1. Brad Blake says:

    I wish you well! I would be there if I weren’t 300 miles away working on protecting Maine’s iconic Mt. Katahdin from this scourge of wind site development. Please, anyone reading this, MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO BE THERE!!!

  2. Jim Wiegand says:

    Say Goodbye to the Whooping Cranes-

    How long will the public across America put up with the lies coming from USFWS and the Wind Industry’s avian mortality cover-up? Golden Eagles have been killed by the thousands from wind turbines and now there is more dismal news coming out about the Whooping Cranes. Even with the new USFWS flawed/exaggerated estimates, they are claiming that only 245 Whooping Cranes remain in the Central Flyway population. The real population number is now probably less than 200 because they only counted 192 in Texas this year. Over the last 6 years the Central Flyway Whooping Cranes have declined proportionately with the explosion of the wind industry in their migration corridor. A hundred lost this year? One third of the population? You had better believe it because in the next 3-5 years we are now looking at the end of the free flying Whooping Cranes

    Despite captive breeding pumping up the numbers and decades of population growth this population has been on the decline since 2006.

    The reality is that the wind industry has been hiding bodies for decades so they could expand with little resistance. Hundreds of these cranes have disappeared in recent years. Now because of this fraud, the Whooping Crane is one of many species in a steep decline from the insidious development of wind energy. If the public wanted to get to the bottom of all this in a hurry, t a million dollar reward should be posted for information about these endangered species being found dead at wind farms. Wind industry personnel, even with their gag orders will start talking.
    Then we can finally put this terrible corporate lie to rest and move forward because the mass killing propeller style wind turbine is really a monster cloaked in “Green” propaganda.

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